Friday, December 20, 2013

evil boots

hey there

i have randomly come to the conclusion, after a great deal of thought, that boots are quite possibly and in all likelihood rather evil. i am not sure that they are, or if i accept the concepts of good and evil, but that is my possible conclusion.

in following through with this, i have thus decided to cast aside all boots. even if it is just, in the grand scheme of things, for a little while. i will no doubt see them again soon, but for the next few months i have taken a vow to never wear them again.

here they are, cast aside.

yes, even some regular shoes that appeared bootesque and yes, even the cowboy style boots.

to ensure the exile, exodus or if you like things that start with an e the exorcism or exit of the boots i have a team of four chaps here to tape them up in secure packaging and send them off to sea for a while.

yes, i say, to the sea with them, no matter how treacherous the sea may be. these boots must face down the trials of the oceans if they are to prove their worth. i anticipate that on the seas they will face trial by pirates, trial by wave, trial by shark and indeed trial by fishing quota enforcement.

if the boots conquer these challenges then they shall be deemed worthy and not evil. i will then wear them.

to be safe it seems that the chaps are boxing up every single item that the boot may have exerted an evil influence over. it is good that they are doing this, and as far as i am concerned these items must also face the trials of the treacherous sea. i would not wish to eat toast or drink coffee from mechanisms that the boots have spread their evil ways towards. it is in all likelihood the case that England lost the Ashes as i watched it on a TV that the boots may have cast evil thoughts towards.

the above shows me in the garden, watching the laundry dry. this to a degree certainly is a sort of act of penance, yes. but it is also out of sheer boredom, since i cannot do much of anything in the house as the chaps clear the pollution of the possibly evil boots.

which is how i have come to end up testing the patience of the battery of a somewhat elderly netbook or notebook sort of thing, plugged into the internet and writing whatever comes to mind about boots and the seas.

and with that i am inclined to give up on typing on the netbook for a while. it is somewhat tricky with fingers of my size.

i shall try to do updates over the next few days, barring some swines hacking my account once more, and keep you informed as best as i can.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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