Sunday, December 08, 2013

the science of smells

hi there

well, i can assure you nothing intelligent in this post. i happened to need some new deodorant, and as there was some stuff going cheap i decided to experiment a bit, as well as one of my regular types.

generally, i don't care which deo i use, but do tend to get the one that people have commented on in the past (in a nice way), which would be the Axe Adrenalin one. i think they used to be called Ego or something.

here's the can of Adrenalin purchased, then, along with the experimental/cheap ones.

oh yes, i did select the Status ones purely on the colour and name. i have no idea how they smell, and if i remember i will mention here. what's important is that they have class names in the form of Crusader Steel and Salute.

i am partially excited to see, or if you like sense, what they smell like. i will try and give reports here as best i can, if of course i remember too, and indeed if i get chance. my sister has recently taken me to task over the subject of envelope art, commenting that i should be doing other things.

as for deodorant in itself, well, i am not that bothered about it. it is a good, easy but not particularly cheap way to supress the immense sexuality i seem to spread, so it prevents me from being troubled by the ladies and indeed select members of the gentry.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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