Sunday, December 01, 2013

Roger Rodas

hi there

death and the internet are a strange combination. it's like the whole world is expected to compete to show levels of grief, or pour scorn on those that mourn or indeed do not.

that's happening today, with the news of the death of actor Paul Walker. there have been a number of comments on the net about how people who don't seem to care how many children are dying in any number of dangerous areas of the world are all of a sudden crying their eyes out and experiencing "emotional trauma" at the news.

then there's this.

he is Roger Rodas, a business partner of Paul Walker and the man at the controls of the car when it crashed. was it his fault? no one can say for sure, but the evidence at hand says "possibly".

nothing i have seen yet about the unfortunate passing of Mr Walker, and indeed Mr Rodas for that matter, has touched on the hysteria around James Gandolfini. Gandolfini was a great actor, make no mistake, but he was also a largely forgotten actor for all the years between the end of The Sopranos and his passing. that did not stop certain journalists, known for their interesting take on a sense of perspective,declaring him to be "the greatest and most important actor ever".

over the next decade or so many international icons who have been in the public eye since the 60s will, sadly, pass on to whatever comes after this life. i live in fear of what the internet is going to do with it all.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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