Thursday, December 19, 2013

hack attack

hi there

well well well. it seems that my account, or two of my accounts, were ones that were hacked some two weeks ago. that would be according to the news, and indeed the messages i woke up to.

my good friend Spiros is particularly good at sending confusing messages, but the one today was a particular masterpiece. early in the morning he sent word that he would help me, asked me what sort of camera it was that i was so excited about and warned me of the last time i had a partner in Africa.

after i asked him something along the lines of "wtf" for those that know what those letters stand for, he advised me that he had got a mail from me requesting money. $300 to be precise. for a camera.

i went to go and have a look at my email and discovered this.

oh, as they say, dear. it seemed my password had been changed on my behalf as i slept. presumably, you would think, by some bunch of Completely Unkind Nerdy Twat Sh!theads, as it were. that's not nice of them.

no matter how safe and secure you keep passwords and no matter what web thingie people do to secure information it seems these hackers, or if you like twats, keep managing to break into systems and obtain usernames and password lists.

at the least the leading sites all offer ways to mostly undo any damage caused, or at the least let you get back into your emails and profiles and what have you.

here is what i was greeted with when i went into recover my account.

hmn, so some twat decided to change my details to say i was in Togo, could not write a phone number properly and had a singularly stupid email address.

no doubt the email address above has now been discontinued or deleted, but if you are of a mind to do so go for it, spam away at them.

here is that detail again if you are interested.

it was not, alas, just my email that got hit - they decided to take over my facebook profile too. and had somehow wiped out the email address that i had left to exist more or less just for facebook, so all that spam from them could just go into one easily ignored folder.

now for this one the twats used more or less the same email address as above, just the 3 at the end seems to have been changed to a 1.

oh no it hasn't, it's an 11 not a 1, and it is supposedly outlook rather than gmail.

what did they do with my facebook? well, sent 3 or 4 begging messages for money, as per my mail, but also decided to add some friends for me. how nice of them.

want a look at them? i thought you might, so i took a screenshot before i blocked them and of course reported the profiles as fake.

sadly Florance's profile page had already gone by the time i got around to looking, but the other two were alive and well - in facebook terms - when i checked. here is the interestingly named Success Classic.

Drake and One Direction? how very cosmopolitain of him. either that or it is just that the f*****g dickhead that set up this profile clicked on things at random.

as for Jennifer Maxis of the Cape, well, she looks like a woman with issues.

hopefully both of these ghastly profiles have been closed down by now. although for all i know they too were also hacked and for some reason the twats doing this thought we should all be friends.

what message did they send out on my behalf? well, it was this crap.

yes, that's genius that is. all that effort to take over an account to ask for 300 dollars for a camera? it is with good fortune that i am blessed with friends who are not even the slightest bit retarded. is Togo even a Republic?

i believe i have contacted everyone fortunate enough to get this from me, advising them of what happened and how they should just delete it. one or two chums, however, have taken it upon themselves to jerk these twats around by arranging for the above to get hit with a lot of things.

no doubt many have had their accounts used in this way. i cannot imagine anyone would have been so stupid as to fall for this rubbish, but you never know.

with the obvious exception of Completely Unkind Nerdy Twat Sh!theads,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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