Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ice cream and eccles cakes

hi there

well, a few moments have presented themselves, so why not use them up with a few more pictures?i would imagine you can work out most of the content from the title, so if you are not particularly interested - and no one would judge you too harshly if that was the case - do not look!

it was, as we stretched our legs on a most brisk of a most December evening, quite a delight to see the famous, celebrated ice cream shop of where we are at open for business. oddly, there were not an excessive amount of patrons wanting ice cream or any such frozen goods, but a number of people were wisely partaking in consuming warm beverages.

we just settled for a quick photograph outside.

well, three of them did. i had to take the picture, you see. i don't think blueberrys have a timer on them, and there was nowhere to stand it anyhow. they don't come with a tripod. maybe Samsung or Apple ones do.

probably not, mind, but you can see an iTripod being on the market before long.

anyway, as you can see them three were dressed up rather warm, as if it were freezing cold or something. obviously i was in just shorts and a t-shirt, so splendid is the weather right now. honest.

moving on, and after indulging my wish to have some Ribena, look at what i found in the shops.

yes, Eccles Cakes. Eccles Cakes are class and i have missed them a very great deal indeed. i could have, to be honest, eaten that whole pack in one go, but i thought it would be polite to allow my (considerably) better half to have one of them. one, you will note. that's her lot.

in fact i have just gone and had another one now to make sure that i had it. lovely.

you may have guessed from the above text thus far that i do not have all that much to say at this moment.sorry about that, so here is another selfie from the evening. i think, might have been in the morning.

i will do my best to come up with some interesting content as soon as i can!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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