Saturday, December 21, 2013

a saturday, or of pigs and skol

hey there

you know if these netbook notebook thingies were the only computer in the world they would be amazing. they are not, however, and so they are crap. this will, however, have to do for now.

just a few random pictures from the day today for you, with a hefty percentage of course being selfies. well, indeed, and why not.

first up, one which will hopefully please the former members of the E1 posse a fair bit.

yes, it is the pig by the beach sculpture or curiosity that my chums in E1 got me during one of several travels around the globe. how splendid that it is that this has survived for what, some 25 years. blimey.

rather pleasant that it shall soon be going full circle too.

i would imagine that this pig statue thingie is a good deal less controversial than my musings in respect of boots from the other day. i do, however, appreciate that some of you would quite like to see it without me blocking up the picture, so here you go.

indeed those are my most beloved pliers next to it; the ones i used to use to put the window up and down in my car until me Mum and my (considerably) better half made me get it fixed. actually, after a mere two days of using it, my (considerably) better half, used to a pampered life of electronic windows, appears to have become flummoxed by the ways of a windy window and has done a right number on it. these pliers may be called to duty once more, then.

for those who for whatever reason did not like the pig but wish to see more of me, here is one of them selfie things i promised, complete with a hat i found in a cupboard.

oh yes i agree that is a most excellent South Park hat so i am at a bit of a loss as to why it ended up being shoved in a cupboard. i do not recall any sort of falling out between myself and South Park, so i presume it was done so on the basis of me not needing a hat at that stage.

for those of you who wish to see neither me nor pigs, here is a picture of some Skol lager that my mate Spiros sent me.

Spiros is, as regular readers will know, a very interesting chap indeed. presently he is attempting to immerse himself in the vagrant lifestyle which he tells me is prolific in Staines and Tooting. why he wishes to do this i don't know, but i might have led him to believe that drinking lots of Skol and sleeping by a canal would do the trick.

i am not sure if he bought the Skol. i suspect he may have gone for some Spesh or McEwan's instead. he will no doubt let me know when he wakes up and recalls where he is, or more specifically why he is where he is.

that should do for the day today, hope you have appreciated the great effort i have gone to in typing this up on one of them net note book things!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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