Thursday, December 12, 2013

Grant and the postal service

hi there

yep, still rather busy here at the moment, but i could not allow the arrival of some pictures of Grant to happen without sharing them here for all the many Grant enthusiasts who read this blog!

in a true miracle of the post office, a parcel i sent to Grant arrived in a mere eight days, two of which were taken up by a weekend. i know you kids like instant messages and downloads, but there's nothing quite like getting something proper in the post. so well done to the post office network for a spectacular miracle, in some cases mail has taken 3 - 4 weeks to land.

this picture does indeed show Grant showing off him parcel, and of course one of his Sharks shirts. i am led to believe that Grant took the "long way" home on the day today, which means either playing tennis or inspecting, as it were, the sheep.

if you are wondering why these pics are on the small side it is because my sister has discovered the magic of WhatsApp, or whatever it is called, and is now sending pictures with gay abandon via this elaborate messaging system. the pictures come out rather small. not that i am complaining, i hope you understand - any and all pictures are, after all, better than none, and the New Zealand internet network diameters and what have you seem to struggle with sending. which is why none of my family send many pics.

here, for your viewing pleasure, is inside the parcel.

look at that magnificent wrapping paper. it was carefully selected after hours of deliberating and wrestling with which would be best.

actually it was not. yes, indeed, it is simply the first bit of wrapping paper i grabbed.

i feel obliged to write loads and loads of things at the side of these pictures, so it takes up some space and makes a nice border around the picture. i would probably be quite a pest if i acted as a sub for a newspaper or similar publication, really, wanting enough text to make a pretty border.

or i would not be a pest i suppose and would just keep writing things until the text did a sort of a "wrap around" thing and appeared underneath the picture as well as next to it as i want and seem to be of the opinion that it is quite important. there, i think that's just about enough to make it look like i think it should look, sorry if you have bothered to read this part.

but i do try to make the first batch of text interesting at least, so it might be that you just need to skip the last few paragraphs of text next to each picture.

with it being the season of gifts i had concerns that Grant might feel it appropriate to wait until December 25 to open the package. i thus included a letter stating he was welcome to open it straight away. i am delighted to see that this comment was read and acted upon.

or maybe he just opened it anyway and will get around to reading my letter at a later date.

that last bit might suggest that Grant is a wildman, rushing off to do risky and dangerous things like opening parcels without checking it against the requisite documentation that came with it. i would like to assure you all that this really isn't the case at all. as a professional, Grant would not do such things, not even for a bet or a bit of a laugh. so he probably, almost certainly, did read the letter first. which makes my writing of the letter worthwhile, really. much as what i write here only has any true value in respect of anyone reading it, so thank you.

ah, now here is Grant with the main contents of the cargo he got in the post. that CD, actually as point of fact a double CD set, is something called #Trending, featuring some chap called Whackhead Simpson. he's quite popular on the radio, and entertains many with his prank calls.

if i am honest i am not the biggest fan of him, but Grant is one of the many fans the chap has, so i am delighted to have been able to send him the latest "best of" his prank calls, as well as whatever it is a Whackhead does.

actually i think it is all prank calls. i don't know really, i just glanced at the tracks and the titles looked like that. maybe he does some sort of farting contests too.i am mot sure such a thing would be moral for radio broadcast, in particular as he is on in the morning, but from an audio perspective it would work.

delighted, of course, in regards of that silver lining on every cloud business. if plans had gone quite as we had wanted them to i probably would not have been in a position to get it and send it to him, but as things turned out i was, albeit just. so happy days for Grant, and indeed the Whackhead, who no doubt appreciates the one extra sale.

righty-ho, i am off to do lots of interesting things!

hope that all the Grant enthusiasts enjoyed this!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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