Monday, December 02, 2013

birthday wishes

hi there

December is, for many of us, a time of celebration. mostly, of course, for those of us who celebrate Christmas, whatever your religion is (and Christmas records from Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan and of course Barbs kind of indicate it has spread beyond Christianity), but also let us not forget some have their birthday in this month too.

like, for instance, young William!

on the morning of his birthday hewas quite excited. eventually, that is. he had to be woken up and reminded that not only was it time for school, but also it was his birthday. when he clocked that this meant cards and presents, mind, he was soon wide awake and had an interest in getting dressed not usually seen!

due to an unprecedented miracle of the post office, William got quite a few cards in the post - impressively from New Zealand, where things that have been sent tend to just vanish.

yes indeed, beyond cards there were presents - admittedly of a small in size, easy to pack in a case variety, but presents that he wanted all the same. and what did he want? well, his t-shirt will have given many of you a clue i would imagine!

yes, the latest version of the 'Omnitrix' (if that's the right name) from this whole Ben 10 business. i think this is the 4th or 5th variant of it we now have, so well done cartoon makers for changing the look of it with each passing series.

this is one of them ones that makes a noise and that - bleeps and bloops for the most part from what i could work out, but i think William had it talking to him at some point.

now that i think, i don't believe i have put many pictures of the boys up here in recent times. sorry about that, not deliberate, just no pictures! on that note, then, here's James "helping" his younger brother with his gifts!

James was a touch disappointed not to give as much help as usual, since William is now capable of opening his own cards and presents! oh well, he was just as impressed with the gifts as the birthday boy!

and here's William showing off the Omnitrix thingie, twisting it and pressing buttons, presumably in the hope of turning into some sort of alien, or whatever it is they are on Ben 10.

no doubt the celebrations shall continue through the day at school, and indeed at home. although we did have a cake yesterday afternoon too. but flat batteries on the camera, sorry.

meanwhile, as an aside if you like, today is also the birthday of a very dear friend, teacher, mentor and all around wonderful person.

i have no idea if she reads this blog, but on the off chance that she does, happy birthday Mandybabes! with some good luck i shall be seeing her, and many other dear friends, in the not too distant future!

right, it is the first working day of the month and all that, so time to push on and get a few things done!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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