Wednesday, December 11, 2013

and i stare at the skies

hi there

normally, despite a recent-ish post, i would not trouble the internet with yet more images of a random nature, except they feature the sky. my extensive research, which means a guess, is that about one million images of the sky are uploaded to the internet every second. or thereabouts.

however, a dear friend was interested in what i said about the strange skies of Johannesburg during storm season. as a rather tasty, should you like the flavour of such things, storm is or was heading our way, it allowed me to try and capture a few pictures of it all.

yeah, captured the images on my blueberry, sorry. i don't think it quite gives over the dynamics of what we get here, which is basically that you can here have a tremendous storm, yet no rain and bright sunshine a mere street or two away.

a bit hard to describe without going all Jim Morrison-esque, winky wanky with the words, but the afternoon thunderstorms here are truly a remarkable thing to see and experience. on the experience front, you are filled with outright terror if you are in a car or outside when they hit. indeed, it's scary to be inside a building when they hit. and yet a mere hour later it's like nothing ever happened.

well, it used to be, but now of course all the drains are clogged up, since as much money as possible has been diverted towards building a very expensive shed for someone to retire to, hopefully afsafp, really. unquote. so there is no money to clear drains or build houses and that.

anyway, i hope these images give you a sense of what the storms look like. really very strange to see the sunny blue sky seem to form a conventional border with the grey storm clouds.

i can only hope these images - yes, all three - have in some way satisifed the curiosity of my friend, and indeed have provided interest to the more casual reader. it is, after all, unlikely that i will be uploading all that many pics of this skyline in the near future.

for the regular readers, hang in there or if you like hang on, will try and do some more regular updates as soon as i can!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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