Thursday, December 05, 2013

grooving around

hey there

for those of you who had got used to regular updates from me here and are miffed at the lack of late, all i can do is say sorry. family and friends are aware of why this is, for everyone else all will be revealed "soon".

to make some sort of gesture of amends then, for all of you kind enough to take the time to read my blog (and i really do appreciate it), here's a kind of mini-mega update for you!

starting where i left off on the last post, the youngling William recently celebrated his birthday. this meant something of a cake festival. William, you see, really really likes cake. we had to have the day before his birthday, on his birthday and then have more to send to school.

here he is rather proudly with one of the ones at home!

quite a magnificent cake it was too! well, from what i could tell from the parts that i had that William would allow us to try.

as for the cakes at school, well, here you go!

his Mummy, my (considerably) better half, spent much of a weekend making more Barney cupcakes than she normally would. I think somewhere over 100 were made and iced, with the last part there being particularly challenging, since the boys tried to eat all of the icing whilst it was being mixed.

sort of keeping the cake theme going, here's James stood by a range of impressive cakes on display for the purpose of sale. the focus, however, should be on the parcel he is holding, one that i have cunningly and strategically edited so that you can't see my address. and it would be with good reason that you can't have my address, but more later.

yes, behold, a further miracle of the post office. this parcel only took 1 (one) month to arrive via the speedy ways of airmail. i am led to believe that customs here are "having problems" and that is why there is a delay with some mail. cheers for that.

what James is holding up is a parcel from a dear friend, one who is exceptionally supportive of what we are all doing right now. thank you very much indeed for this!

so what is in the parcel, you ask? treaty-treat things, as my (considerably) better half will show off.

i am led to believe that the contents of that packet were a superb, minty-peppermint-mint type chocolate thingie. i have no experience or taste of them to comment on, as my (considerably) better half and William tore through the packet in the time it took me to boil the kettle to make my (considerably) better half a cup of coffee, lest i get beaten for insolence.

i would like to say i don't normally do request pictures, but in fact i do. i am quite happy to provide pictures or writing along the lines of what anyone asks me, within reason. and yes, Martin, that "within reason" excludes images of me specifically for what you apparently do with pictures of me, you strange, strange chap.

in some instances i am delighted to meet a request as soon as possible, and one such instance is any sort of request from Jonathan. he suggested an image of me with a cuppa and a fag, so here it is.

i think this is what he meant by fag, but if it turns out it is the other interpretation of the word i will see what i can do during the next week or so.

as regular readers are aware, Jonathan recently composed and performed my very own theme song, something i consider to be the best thing ever, so any and all requests from him are a delight!

and yes, oh yes, dear friends at verk, one of the boxes above should look rather familiar to you.

onwards, then, and recently we had the pleasure of being invited to James' school year end awards. you only get invited if you have won something, so we were of course thrilled to get the nod!

here's William and my (considerably) better half having a walk around!

as for the awards ceremony itself, James did very well indeed, collecting not two, not five, but three awards. well done son, we are all very proud of you!

no pictures of the awards ceremony, alas, as i was too busy filming away. of the film, family around the world should be getting their copies of it just as soon as the post office decide to deliver. i am hopeful that the post offices of the world shall do the decent thing and deliver them before Christmas. if for some reason the ones to England take more than 3 weeks that could lead to a rather interesting situation.

anyway, here is James reading his report, reading with as you can see some interest!

and here he is with the one trophy he got, along with a prize!

it took five or six goes to get him to pose like how you see in the above, the facial expressions in the other pictures are interesting, to say the least.

after the ceremony William retained the sense of pride that we do in James, but was also interested in having an inspection of his birthday presents, all related to what his t-shirt says.

and this is pretty much who we are and how we are at the moment!

sorry if i am being elusive with this, but more updates as soon as i can, and indeed i will explain why there will be a possibly lengthy delay in updates for a while.

in the mean time, thank you all once again for reading whatever it is i decide to put up here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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