Monday, December 16, 2013

baffled by cables

hi there

as the last of the stuffs gets sorted out, i found two cables today that left me baffled. well, maybe not baffled, but baffledesque. not only have i not seen them before (despite them being on my desk), i have not seen this sort of cable anywhere.

here, have a sort of a look.

that, thanks to the lacking ways of the blueberry camera, might look like a standard, conventional sort of mini USB connector, but it isn't. it also isn't the kind one associates with digital cameras and the like.

it's a "flat squareish" one, as in it is rectangular, but only by a margin. i tried to get a picture of the unusual end in question, but here's where the blueberry camera let me down. yes, the canon and the sony cameras sat right here would probably have got better images, but i could not be bothered with them.

they also have some strange, almost kind of class writing down the side. the interesting thing, if one is ever to assume that cables or things written down the side of them are interesting, is that, as you may have just clocked, they have things written down the side of them.

one of them says something like E129760 (UL) TYPE CM 75 C 28AWG Space Shuttle CSA LL80671 30 Volt and then the other starts off with E154292-C and then a whole load of other stuff, but it does not mention a space shuttle so it is not interesting and therefore i lost interest.

here is the blueberry camera's best effort to capture the word "space shuttle" down the side of the one, for people that get excited by just the words space shuttle. yes, Norman Bastard, this is for you.

my absolute best guess was that they were for printers, as google sort of confirmed in the next picture. well, when i say google, obviously i mean Mookie, the 2ft (approx) tall sex monkey who invents and, more importantly, is in control of all known and unknown technology. Mookie might have also been fiddling with twitter this last weekend, making the suggestion that UEFA were in some way corrupt. i do not think Mookie bothers with such trivial things, but you never know.

anyway, if they are printer cables, as google/Mookie seem to suggest below, they are not for printers that i have ever had. all my printers have either had that class "mega size" port thing, or the more squarer, sort of square like square USB connector on the printer side.

there is every chance, then, that these cables at some point belonged to my Dad. i in all likelihood either confiscated them or was simply given them when he decided that they at some point displeased him more than they pleased him.

this would make a degree of sense, considering how many printers my Dad did, and probably does, feel are needed to be connected to one PC. how many? usually 3 visible ones, how many he had hidden under the desk is anyone's guess.

why would he need so many printers? it's not like if a man at the computer shop said "if you buy this printer you can just throw the printer away and keep this class cable with space shuttle written on it" that he would leave it on the shelf. otherwise, i think he felt that certain documents would "tarnish" other documents if he used the same printer, and probably found it disrespectful or something.

here's the normal USB end bits for your viewing pleasure.

well, these cables are very close to being taped up in a box. so if anyone knows what they are, or for some reason wants them, best they speak up very soon or be patient and wait for the 2nd quarter of 2014.

if you are someone who has discovered this blog on a "wtf" type of search for what these cables are, my apologies for no conclusive answer, but i do hope you have taken comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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