Thursday, June 28, 2012

fun with love bead loaded toothpaste

hey there

i was today, on receipt of one of them email things, very much reminded of that moment in This Is Spinal Tap when Marti Di Bergi  asks Nigel Tufnel why on his amps he just doesn't make 10 louder and make that the loudest. "these go up to eleven", was Nigel Tufnel's answer, stating that it made the band "one louder"

"if you were pictured holding it on Tuesday", my Dad wrote, "why is it that on the Wednesday you are saying you will get around to buying it? Wouldn't it have been easier just to buy it then?". this was of course in relation to that which he covets, the impressive yet expensive toothpaste that comes full to the brim with some sort of love beads in it.

i tried to explain to him that i did not wish for the rest of our time to be one big anticlimax, which surely it would if we loaded up with this stuff on the first day. to ease his fears that we might not get any, however, off we went today to get some.

between today and giving it to him we are, of course, going to be messing about with it. i am not sure how one messes about in 1001 ways with love bead toothpaste to be honest, but one way at least is certainly to build super hero dens out of it!

William came along to the shop with me to get it and i must say i was impressed with the way that he grabbed every packet they had of the stuff and shot it in the trolley, not caring what it smashed as it went in. the only down side was that they only had 5 packets of it, when Dad has said he wants "at least 6". perhaps he knows they only stock 5 packets (tubes?) at a time, or otherwise this stuff is really popular.

look at how Rath (i think) out of Ben 10 Alien Stuff looks on at the construction James made!

if William was quite excited about getting this stuff for his Grandad at the shops then he was even more excited to see what James could do with it all!

i would have no idea how many pictures would be normal to show the world of our sons playing with some sort of bizarre toothpaste that their Grandad wants, but there are quite a few here for you to admire.

it's very tempting to ask my Dad what it is that makes toothpaste with love beads in it so wonderful, amazing and wished for, but i dare not do that. once he has given his answer, well, if it is somewhat dodgy or dubious - and let us be honest here, in all likelihood it will be - there shall be no way for me to undo or unhear what it is that i have heard. i shall leave him in peace and privacy with it eventually, but for now the boys really, really like playing with it.

if you are in any way fed up at looking at pictures of toothpaste that has love beads in it being made to look like some sort of quasi-Stone Henge den for super heroes then you may be delighted to read that the next picture is the last one of that nature.

for now.

that's all for now, dear readers, and possibly all for the day today too. although you never know what might crop up or happen next; it is possible something class happens later that i take a picture of and get the chance to do an update. this is Andrew's laptop, after all, and he may have some top level internets that he wants to go and do!

fear not, though, for the toothpaste of the love bead shall appear here again within the next few days.....

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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