Friday, July 07, 2017

Brazil 2014

saudações caro leitor

i would not have thought it at all unreasonable to state that much of this blog has always held the concept of Brazil 2014 close to heart, look you see. this has been in a tacit way, perhaps, but also a rather brazen one. once you have accepted something to be about something in particular then that is all you shall see.

apophenia is the term for the above, to be sure. that's what them science types call in when the human brain works in a way to see a pattern in entirely random things. that's just our way of digesting and comprehending stuff. by the same margin, if it is a margin as point of fact, pareidolia is the "face of Jesus / Virgin Mary in toast / wood" phenomenon" - when we "see" a human face in something.

so, anyway, Brazil 2014. as i have long celebrated this in a subdued, silent and never really revealed or hinted at way, it was with delight that i could take this passion to the next, overt level of late.

yes, quite. as you can see in the above picture - i believe taken in ZX Spectrum mode on my still yes than a year old "new" phone with a camera (two, as point of fact) welded on it - i have some Brazil 2014 merchandise to proudly wear and/or show off. although now that i think that might be Nintendo NES or SNES.

what merchandise? a cap. if you like a "baseball" cap, since our friends in America would appear to have repatriated this style of millinery. and why not.

it's something of a bold, stark statement, is it not? simplicity is the key here, with "Brazil 2014" stamped in black on a crisp (hello, Faye) white background in the most rudimentary, minimalist yet brazen font - "arial black", i suspect, a bit like what The Stone Roses used when on Silvertone Records. which was close to 30 years ago.

as far as i am aware no, the above has little, if anything, to do with Brazil 2014, hats or anything on the other side of the equator from where i am. that's just a generous few more packets of them The King fags off of Spiros. nice one, mate. i suppose at a push the place where they are from could be called "the Brazil of Eastern Europe", but having been to neither no i could not speak such.

what is it with, or if you like for, me with Brazil 2014? hard to quantify in words, really. the metric nature of ten characters (excluding the space) to the phrase is certainly spiffing if not splendid, with that in itself allowing for an iambic pentameter like feel to the phrase. in this day and age people like to stand behind, or for, a slogan, if only briefly. Brazil 2014 is just as good as any other in this regard, i believe you might find.

be warned, then, for the next image is indeed one of them "selfie" things, and does as that suggests feature me in the image. quite a many of a lot of you - legion, possibly - do not care for seeing me at all, and so a warning is but fair.

the astute, the brash and (most likely just this last one) the observant of you will have noted, possibly with a degree of some interest, that i have left the price sticker on the cap. yes, this was deliberate, as it gives me something else to write about here.

only the unkind and less forgiving would suggest that this cap was purchased for reasons other than my devotion to the concept of Brazil 2014. to go around saying that i only bought it because it was there when i walked into a shop and saw the price before bothering to see what it actually was is not entirely incorrect, but still.

where did i get it? Poundland. yes, i know. things are going crazy there. these days Poundland has reduced items for 50p or 25p, which is at odds with their name. i believe this is all some form of appeasement, trying to balance out the fact that they also sell items for more than £1 a go these days. it seems to be a sort of annexing of other shops customers what they are doing. 

mostly it is true that there was very nearly not a Brazil 2014. should Napoleon have remained undefeated and conquered the rest of the world, right, and imposed the smart Napoleonic calendar on all the lands in the world that he had conquested, then "2014" would not strictly speaking have happened, or at least not at that point of time where we readily associate it.

should you be unfamiliar with the Napoleonic calendar, well, it's probably worth your time reading up on. it is quite interesting, and he had some smart names for what we ostensibly call months, weeks and so forth. exactly how he found the time to create it whilst conquering (admittedly the easy parts of) Europe and inventing water slides is credit to him.

yes, that would be about that for this cap, then. and other things which have appeared here along the way. as usual, one can but hope that this has been of some passing interest.

seja excelente um para o outro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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