Saturday, June 23, 2012

toothpaste with added love beads

hi there

my Dad does get some peculiar ideas every now and then. he has not really, i suppose, been quite the same since he discovered exactly what "dogging" is thanks to his decision to have a peek inside a parked van somewhere in New Zealand. ever since that day i have had all sorts of unusual requests from him, such as this one from today.

he would, it seems, very much like for me to obtain for him some particular toothpaste that has a type of "love bead" in it.

i shall do my best to get some, although it does not look like it carries the happiest price in the cousin Andrew declares that Tesco is the best place for pretty much anything you could want in this world. to that end i investigated and discovered that they charge £2.55 for a tube of the stuff.i am not sure what the median or general price is for toothpaste is in the UK, so that could be quite good for all i know. i suppose it would be rather tricky to get love beads inside a tube of toothpaste so it would not be a shock if this is a somewhat higher than usual price.

should i get my hands on any of it i will do my best to share this most triumphant news with you, dear readers.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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