Thursday, July 07, 2016

tourist filth (slight return)

hello you, the people

the time hasn't come once again, then. no, look you see, not now, not yet, but soon. in a little while, assuming you consider all such things as measurements to be relative, i shall be on my travels once more. this will, kind of sort of, to be tourist things. there's also a top level highly secret thing that i will be doing, but let's not mention it so that it's not an issue.

where am i off to? same place as last time.

yes, much as the last time (i think) that i did a blog post featuring the words tourist filth, i am off to London, gertcha, wotcha, innit, do one. and oh yes, i will indeed be meeting up once again with my dear chum Spiros, who has promised me that i can join him in drinking cider and punching black cab drivers in the face, if i am of a mind to do so. actually, he doesn't care if i do or do not - he's made it clear that he is doing that, and if i want to join in that's fine so long as i don't get in the way or slow him down.

also, of course, i shall be visiting that place of mine which is my most favourite thing.

i shall, with what limited time that i have, be visiting and paying my respects to that most prestigious of establishments, Fortnum & Mason. this depends entirely, of course, on the doorman finding me to be a suitable patron of the establishment and allowing me access. it is very posh, after all, and they have quite high and exacting standards in place. no riff raff or any other such nonsense.

the above criteria probably does as point of fact mean that not once have they ever hosted a potential patron from Newcastle, but i am sure the Newcastle palette finds the goods which Greggs down the road offers to be perfectly agreeable for their needs.

when do i depart? not telling. i would like to think that i have nothing but friends in this world and that no one wishes me ill, but the advice out there is to not allow people to know your movements across the medium of the internet. so i won't.

perhaps i should have posted no information at all, then, but i thought you might quite like to know that there's some more London stuff coming up on this blog soon(ish), so stay tuned.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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