Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the REAL Frankie Sex Mix artwork

hi there

well, a number of you seem to have visited my April 1 post in which i claimed to have the artwork for the imminent new Frankie Goes To Hollywood compilation. there is something of a clue in the date there as to how legitimate that was. sorry about that.

to make amends, all i can really do is present you with what i know! the set is going to be released in August (great, just after a certain other favourite band will have left me financially "wonky"), and it has a most excellent looking cover!

here's the real deal!

i think that looks excellent! the "volume one" at the bottom is promising, but then again we've never had a Listen Without Prejudice Volume 2 off George Michael yet. i will worry about more volumes after this one has turned up!

it looks like it will be a double CD set, going on the packaging style. no one knows the tracklisting as such as of yet, but it would be safe to speculate that variants of Relax will be on there. i am aware that a lot of people want to see (or if you will hear) Frankie's version of Slave To The Rhythm on this, but i am not so sure. the number one inclusion for me would be the proposed and canned b-side for Warriors Of The Wasteland, which was an amazing cover of Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?, featuring Paul Rutherford on vocals. Holly really, really didn't like it though - it sneaked out on a iTunes release, but i am not sure that the whole band would give approval to it featuring on CD. i certainly hope so!

should any more news come my way about this release, i will certainly post it here!

wow, The Stone Roses back and a new (sort of) Frankie release. 2012 is certainly turning out to be excellent!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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