Thursday, June 28, 2012

of ducks and sheep

hey there

well, i am somewhat more awake at present (just the one cup of coffee, mind) so as Andrew has left me this laptop thing i thought i'd give further updates a whirl. i am not the best on these laptop thingies so do bear with me - it is a good deal better than that blueberry thing of mine, which seems incapable of accessing the ways of blogger anyway.

yesterday was time for a most excellent walk across the fields of Great Ayton. keeping an eye, and frequently a hand, on the boys meant that i could not take quite as many pictures as some would have (hello, Dad), but i think i have done OK.

here are the boys kindly pausing for a moment in their quest to run off from me at some great speed!

the reason for their haste was, to be honest about it, to try and get their hands on some sheep. exactly what they would do with the sheep if they caught one is something, perhaps happily, of a mystery at present as they did not catch one as such. the sheep were just a little bit too fast for James and, now that i think, were even faster when they noticed that Uncle Trevor was behind him, so to speak. perhaps someone looking rather like Uncle Trevor has bothered them?

still, James really went billy-ho in trying to catch them, at the least!

i have little or no doubt that one day that we shall get to that land they know as New Zealand and James' Uncle Grant will be able to show him all there is to see in respect of catching sheep and exactly what one would do with a caught one. i suspect the answer sounds something quite like "shear them". moving on.....

William did not try to catch any sheep. he was, in rather more Grandad language rather than i will say it here, advised to watch his step and not stand in any sheep droppings. this led to William deciding that the sheep were naughty, and in order to avoid the droppings wished very much for me to carry him. this you can see below, indeed as James takes the time to say hello to someone that has become a rather good friend of both James and William!

yes, followers or if you will disciples of my Uncle Trevor, that is indeed Ruby the Wonder Dog! she took an instant shine to both of them, and the feeling is certainly mutual! Neither of the boys seem to be particularly bothered when she eats their toys, so they must really like her very much!

if you are wondering, Michele was sat with (Great) Grandma H as we were off and about, perhaps wisely since we had just had a massive cod and chips lunch! that means that, below as above, there's only pictures of 2 of the 3 beautiful ones and the ugly one from our family for you to see!

after walking across the fields and the failed attempt to catch a sheep, it was off to see if the boys could not catch a duck or two. now that i think on, what Grant does with sheep might well sound more like duck than it does shear, but that's another story.....

the boys were well impressed with just how many ducks congregated around a nice little park near the Beck, and a touch sad that they had no bread to feed them. this did not stop them from having a go at catching some of them, though. it was quite a surprise, for William in particular, when the ducks simply flew off as the boys got close!

yes, disciples and enthusiasts of the great man, that is indeed Uncle Trevor you can see there!

as i mentioned the boys didn't have anything yeast based to feed the ducks with, but this did not stop James pretending that he did in the hope of luring a few of them, in particular the ones of a weak mind lured by jedi mind tricks!

we've had two days of running about, with the days of course being somewhat longer than usual, it staying light here until well after 10 at night. as a result, James is rather worn out so we might be taking it a bit easier today. there will, of course, be further pictures taken as soon as possible!

so on that note, more pics as and when i have them!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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