Monday, June 04, 2012

new news new from New Zealand!

hi there

despite being somewhat worse for wear on Sunday following a very good/actually rather bad idea involving absinthe (refer previous posts), i was delighted to see that most rare of thing in my computer electronic mail box thing on Sunday. that rarity would be brand spanking new pictures from New Zealand!

i was not in any particularly good state to digest all of the text that came with the pictures, but i believe that the images were of a celebratory dinner they all went off to in order to celebrate the birthday of Grant, as in he who supports the Sharks that got absolutely battered off the Lions at the weekend. that would certainly explain why most of the pictures were of Grant, and indeed why he was having a glass of Windhoek.

and, further to that, why exactly he was having an absolutely massive, good lucking plate of ribs too! although it looks like they made something of a mistake with his order, does it not?

yeah, i am not sure what all that stuff is next to the ribs, but it is certainly not chips. i would probably have sent the plate back until that got corrected, to be honest, but it seems that Grant just accepted it for what it was.

i know that the Grant enthusiasts out there will be delighted to see so many new images of Grant, but there are an equal number who would rather see new images of Katie and Daniel. here, then, is a picture that should appeal to all wishes!

i must say it took me a touch by surprise to see Grant being allowed to have a go at the Windhoek with Katie and Daniel around. after about half a glass of the stuff, right, something stirs in Grant, and he starts regaling anyone in ear shot about just how excellent accounting and accountacy is. if you are bold and let him finish off an entire bottle, usually he gets the calculator out and starts doing entirely random reconcilliations for you.

as wild as that sounds, it seems to have a certain affect on Katie and Daniel!

it does appear that it has left a long lasting impression on young Daniel in particular. the net effect of his Dad telling him how excellent accounting is, or rather why it is excellent, seems to have left Daniel in little doubt as to what career he will take when he grows up.

in otherwords, yes, Grant's insights into the world of accounting has left Daniel with the wish to take to the high seas and the exciting wold of piracy.

well, New Zealand being surrounded, islands-like, by water means that this is quite a handy career to take on over there!

it looks like all and sundry had an excellent time, and i trust that Grant had an excellent birthday celebration weekend, with everything going well except the rugby result!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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