Friday, June 08, 2012

wandering around

hi there

well, time for more pictures that should be excellent, except that they were taken on my blueberry thing and thus they do not look as class as they should! my Dad would no doubt tell me that i should go absolutely everywhere with at least 3 cameras, with a minimum of one featuring a big massive enormous lens. i will give it some consideration, but for now on to the pictures!

picking the boys up from school on an afternoon (or early evening, if you will, i am not sure when that starts) always tends to be an adventure. William, when i collect him, rather enjoys taking his time, exploring stuff and attempting to collect as many rocks and bricks as possible. when we head up to fetch James, the entire school seems to be a giant playground for him, which means he wants to go for a stroll around the grounds!

it's rather interesting that both kind of like school and feel like they are in no particular rush to get home to the massive piles of toys they have (see previous posts), but it sometimes isn't all that great. Daddy usually wishes to get home to cook, clean and do things like that, for a start!

on those rare days that traffic is kind, however, it certainly does not hurt to let them go wandering about, letting William check out stuff and learn of new things!

as today is Friday there will no doubt be huge mountains of traffic on the roads, but this probably will not stop them wanting to have another wander around later on!

it sounds like we are in for a formidable, cold weekend here. hopefully whatever you all do with the weekend ahead is somewhat warmer!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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