Saturday, June 23, 2012


hi there

Michele was a bit late on Friday, so the boys dietary concerns were a matter for me a consequence, i opted to play safe and go for the only food on earth that contains every known good thing in it. yes, pizza.

after that the boys were wishing for a treat. there was only one thing for it, then - custard.

i must say i am not particularly fond of the stuff myself. James and William however, which hopefully you can see through the mists of my blueberry phone camera, think it is most excellent!

yeah, they are dressed up warm as it is that cold hereat the moment, making their fascination with the not exactly warm ways of custard all the more strange to me.

after finishing his custard James requested another treat. custard isn't strictly speaking a treat in the world of James, you see, as it involves using cutlery. as Mummy was not around to say no, i said sure. off he went to watch something (Island Kings or similar) with his other, proper treat. this gave William something of an idea.

William decided that James got another treat as he had finished all his custard. instead of simply asking for another treat (which he would have got) William instead devised a plan which saw him empty the rest of his custard into James' bowl!

a not at all bad display of initiative there!

if this post has in some small way inspired you to go off and tuck into some custard, well then nice one or my apologies!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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