Monday, June 04, 2012

some further South Fork shenanigans

hi there

well, i would ask you to bear with me as i try to update this blog today with some ace pictures. a few days ago i had what i thought to be a very, very good idea indeed, one that involved absinthe. as it turns out, in retrospect it was a very, very bad idea. very bad indeed. the only redeeming feature of the idea that went from good to bad would appear to be that i seem to have emptied the bottle of absinthe, thus removing the chance of ideas like that one in the future. time to move on, then!

the boys went over to South Fork for the weekend and had a rather good time as ever, Grandad as usual being a highlight. not only did Grandad have some nice new slippers on hand to ensure that his grandchildren behaved in a way he wished, but he also decided that there should be lots and lots of cake available to mark the many birthdays in our family during May!

yes indeed, the more eagle eyed of you will have spotted the reflection of your humble narrator there, but more importantly indeed that is Lyla sat with Grandad and James! that's also a crossword puzzle that Grandad is sat with. Richard and i managed to displease him somewhat by not knowing every single answer on it - what must we know of Cuban dances, exactly?

also in the South Fork area but not in the above picture were, of course, Ruby-Lee and William. now that the pair of them are more than competent in the art of walking there really is no stopping them wandering off. and wandering off in William's case usually tends to involve climbing up things that he is not supposed to unsupervised. if he can do it with a lightsaber, well so much the better!

William has decided that, as the above shows, shotting something down a slide and trying to "race" it is the best thing ever. hard to argue with, really, although his ideas of leaving "booby traps" at the bottom for people to crash into, in particular it seems Ruby-Lee, would be something that we on the whole would rather he didn't do.

Ruby-Lee then wisely decided that using the slide with William was probably not all that great an idea since she didn't seem to particularly like crashing into things. instead, then, she was quite happy to toddle around with a lightsaber herself!

well, it is a good idea to be armed with a lightsaber of your own when James and William are running about with them!

the weekend at South Fork wasn't all lightsabers, climing and placing booby traps on slides, mind. someone - i think it was Lyla - had a good idea that they all do some finger painting. Erika decided that this was a good idea, and thus had everything ready for the four of them to do this.

i can only imagine, then, that Erika has never ever seen children messing about with paint before! it is exceptionally good fun, but it is also rather messy!

you'll note that James isn't too keen on getting all that much paint on his hands, mind. he doesn't quite like getting into a mess, so he's a touch like his Dad in that regard. William, however, as you can see, has no hesitation in getting all of each hand covered in as much paint as possible! i think the only down side for William would be that he was allowed to actually make that kind of mess!

Ruby-Lee and Lyla look a touch hesitant about getting too much paint on their hands, too!

the sequence for children and paint would be, as i am sure most of you are aware, paint = mess = wash. Grandad's idea of washing his grandchildren tend to involve a hose pipe and standing outside, even if it is winter like it is now. this would be why, mostly, such matters are best left to Grandma, who shoved them all in the bath together!

i can have little or no doubt that Grant will be delighted to see a picture of four cousins in the bath together, but i shall refrain from any further comment, thanks!

after that it was time to eat. what meal could possibly be better than the healthy, beneficial and probably nutritional ways of McDonalds?

looks good!

to finish off, we need to return back to the world of lightsabers and see two excellent pictures that Grandma (or possibly Grandad) took of the boys. first off, here is a really great picture of William....

....and an excellent one of James too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

outstanding pictures! and on that note, it seems that all had an outstanding weekend at Grandma and Grandad, certainly no doubt a better Sunday morning than i did as i wrestled with recovery from my good/bad idea involving absinthe.

more pictures from the weekend soon, but in the mean time i trust you all had a most excellent weekend! i know for a fact that a couple sat in a stadium did, but more on that later!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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