Friday, February 07, 2014

the tired treachery of Duran Duran

hi there

and, oh dear. it seems that Duran Duran have given up on both world (visual) domination via facebook and, sadly, their devout fans. Duran Duran, or rather the teenage work experience kid employed by Duran Duran, had been rather good and excited about sharing dire, dull pictures of Duran Duran every Friday as part of their not-at-all self indulgent campaign called Duran Duran Present Duran Duran's Share It Friday Featuring Duran Duran.

now they can't be bothered. it seems that any old youtube link will do for them to share.

it was, as point of fact, just recently that Duran Duran discovered that youtube thing and have been randomly sharing stuff on it, just in case their fans could not work out how to search do for them.

it's disappointing, of course, that they did not share a video, in particular along the lines of the one i suggested. you can see the one i suggested in the screenshot above. would it kill them to put a picture of that up for the fans to see?

as regular readers will be aware i have set up something of a sort of rival to Duran Duran's share it thing, perhaps to some extent anticipating or expecting the circumstances above. here is my Friday Fire share it picture, then.

i am sorry that Duran can no longer be bothered to put the same kind of effort in,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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