Wednesday, June 06, 2012

duel of the fates for breakfast

hey there

wow, talk about a dream! the title of this post has, at last, allowed me to reach the dream of merging a reference to Star Wars with the title of a celebrated Art Garfunkel solo album!

i cannot imagine that too many of you are all that interested in what goes on in our house around breakfast time, to be honest. if you are, however, then behold the most excellent "Jedi duel" that broke out. this all happened instead of the boys just getting on with eating coco pops or similar!

yes, our house does look like a disaster area with all of the boys' worldly goods spread everywhere. sorry about that, and Michele did not want me to have pictures of it, but there you go. it is me that gets to tidy it all up, anyway!

as far as the duels go, the boys don't hurt each other quite as much as you might think they would with their ace lightsabers. James certainly does have a height and strength advantage, but William compensates with both resilience and the excellent mobile dino car thing he is sat on.

the Harlo gang for some reason believe that looking after the boys, sooner rather than later, will be a "breeze". ha ha, good luck with that. although one would not be all that surprised if it turns out to be the case that at Chez Harlo lightsaber duels at all times of day are considered perfectly normal.

it may not surprise you to know, looking at the above, that most days i have my breakfast before anyone else wakes up.

hope your breakfast was class, and featured just enough Star Wars and Art Garfunkel references for your own requirements!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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