Friday, June 29, 2012

smoking in the English summer

hey there

the fine people of England, for the most part, really do not like this smoking business. fair enough, really, for it possibly is not all that good for you, and it certainly seems to be less a social thing now than it was a few years ago. to this end, the people of England limit the places that you can smoke, and put what can only be described as exorbitant, excessive pricing and taxes on the things to try and discourage the discerning gent from purchasing a packet.

i am not sure if the latter works as well as the former, really, going on my exploits in trying to have one in the garden during a fine English summer afternoon!

yes, we experienced the full beauty of the English summer yesterday with the rain pelting down upon us! it was quite a storm, with some areas (i believe mostly Newcastle) experiencing a degree of flooding.

Michele, Andrew and a few others found my adventure exceptionally funny, hence these pictures being available for you now!

Andrew, bless him, also thought that it would be a jolly good idea to lock the door whilst i was out too, making sure i could experience the full joy and beauty of this glorious summer afternoon for a little bit longer!

i do trust that the weather is even better wherever you are in the world right now!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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