Monday, June 11, 2012

cough management

Hi there

well, some bad news to start off with, dear readers. it is the case that your humble narrator has been struck down with that most vile, cruel, dangerous and evil of complaints at present. yes, that illness that is even worse than what Chris Morris refers to as "bad Aids". you fear and suspect the worst reading that, i know, and sadly it is true - i am presently struggling through the pain of a man flu infection.

in order to try and work through the pain, a pain that makes one feel as though every action will be the last on this earth, i more or less crawled all the way to a chemist to get loads and loads of lovely, lovely medication. this i managed to get - a bag full, in point of fact - and am presently busy taking more or less the advised doses in the hope of relief.

one of the bottles had an interesting indicator on it.

alas, it would seem that my blueberry phone is more blurberry than usual, and i am sorry that you cannot see it too clearly. if you are prepared to either accept some guidance or take my word on it, that says "cough management" on the label.

here's a closer look where you can just about make that out.

cough management indeed! thanks for offering to manage my cough, but i was rather hoping for something that would fix, stop, surpress or otherwise cure my cough!

this sounds like it is the work of those frequently ponytailed, Harry Potter style round glasses wearing, coke snorting (ahem) oedipal complex celebrator types who come up with ridiculous ideas like calling hosepipes "irrigation solutions" and similar.

with some good fortune the stuff in the bottle will bypass the managerial input requirement and just get on with fixing things!

farewell, for the moment, from my man flu death bed.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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