Friday, June 29, 2012

Great Gran and Great Gramps

hi there

well, another fantastic day here visiting family to report on for you! i know a few of my more regular readers would be expecting a rundown on the latest at Heaton Park in advance of The Stone Roses (bit of rain Friday, lots of rain Saturday, cleared up by Sunday), but there shall be plenty of talk of them next week!

today, then, was off to Great Ayton to see as much family as we could. happily, we were able to start off with Great Gran and Great Gramps. Gran has not been feeling too well lately, but she was well enough to see us for a little bit today.

Gramps is Gramps, of course, and is always ready for everything. that would in particular mean seeing James and William this week!

James and William have really taken quite a shine to all of the family we have met so far, which is rather wonderful! usually they are a bit shy around new people, but it seems that they instinctively know who is part of our family!

James is really rather taken with his Great Gramps as you can see! i think the way that Great Gramps rather shouts when asking what he is up to instead of just asking in a more conventional way rather reminds him of how his Grandad does things!

sadly no pictures of William with Great Gramps today, but there is still plenty of time to do that. in the mean time, here's another one of two brand new best friends!

as i said Gran has not been too well of late, but seems to be on the mend. this is great news in general, but so much the better since we were able to see her for an hour or so today!

Gran has taken to the boys just fine, and they both love her very much indeed! and that was before she gave them any pocket money!

Gran needed to go up and rest a bit, so the visit was nowhere near as long as any of us would have liked, but health matters come first.

before we went, though, William decided to have a little dabble with the camera. he has not previously expressed all that much of an interest in taking pictures, but he seems rather good at it. that would be even if all his models do not pose as nicely as you would hope, as can be seen with James here!

and here is a most excellent picture that William took of just his Great Gramps!

hopefully we shall get to see a good deal more of them next week, so long as Gran is feeling up to us!

great to be able to see everyone, although at this point it seems we still keep missing a certain Auntie.......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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