Saturday, June 16, 2012

woo hoo! Dark Knight Rises toys!

hi there

no doubt one or two people looking at this would say "oh, you should have preserved them by keeping them in the box". well, the truth is, toys are meant to be played with, not "preserved" or seen as some sort of investment. anyway, with a 2 year old child, a 6 year old child and a 39 year old child in the house, there was no way that these ace toys from The Dark Knight Rises were staying in the packaging much longer after we had got them home!

behold, Bane and Batman!

they are the business and they are ace! but of course i have one or two problems with them. well, not directly them as such. the stores here "only" have Bane and Batman. this is class, like, but they do not have the Alfred one advertised on the back.

Alfred would have been rather handy for one reason - as you can see on the packaging and indeed my construction below, you need to have all three to have the parts to make a most excellent looking "batsign".

oh well, i shall just have to look out for any sort of toy that looks a bit Michael Caine-esq and see if i can buy it when i do!
the other issue would be whilst both Bane and Batman look fantastic, they also look somewhat bigger than the toys / action figures / statues that you could get for The Dark Knight. which means that, alas, the two of them somewhat dwarf The Joker....

well, never mind. James and William (and Daddy) have been playing with them anyway, despite the lack of the sign part of the batsign and the fact that they tower over the other figures!

i think it's a month on the nose today that The Dark Knight Rises gets released. with a 2hr 45min running time it could well be the case that we just wait until Christmas and watch the inevitable DVD release, but you never know, we may get a babysitter and go off to watch it!

right, i am off to put them away for the night. well, OK, maybe i might have a test play with them whilst the boys are in bed...........

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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