Saturday, June 23, 2012


hello again

blimey, i think this makes three updates today! apologies in advance once again for the fact that over the next few weeks there shall be quite limited updates here. do hang in, normal service will resume as soon as possible.

today was a day as good as any day to go off and see South Fork for the novelty of seeing what might happen. those of you who have read the post earlier on "toothpaste love beads" will i presume know what i mean. away from toothpaste and for some reason James decided he wished to play cricket on the sprawling lawns of South Fork.

this pleased me greatly, as i would hope of all the sporting activities he could take up, cricket is the most civilized and the best. Grandad has a different view, as in James is currently kicking footballs with his left foot only as Grandad anticipates a huge shortage of left footed players in the future. Grandad, presumably for retirement (ha) funding reasons, is quite keen for James to be in football.

i was too busy playing cricket with James to get any pictures - my, he has an excellent off-leg sweep move - but i did manage to get some images of William playing.

telling William that the aim with the ball was to knock the stumps out of the ground was, in retrospect, rather ill-advised.

yes, i probably should have qualified the advice as being knock them out by throwing the ball at them. in fairness, his way of doing it is somewhat more direct, effective and very much works.

in case you are wondering, what he is holding in the other hand is some sort of Ben 10 space ship thingie.

not content with smashing the stumps out of the ground, William had a go at throwing them about too!

this did not go down quite as well as it could have when he started throwing them at Grandad, but in fairness Grandad did manage to (more or less) get out of the way of the flying stumps!

if either or both of the boys took up cricket on a slightly more serious level i would be exceptionally happy, needless to say! that said, if William carries on playing the game as he did today, well, it seems to make him happy!

as i said, i am unsure as to where or when the next update here shall come along, but come along it most certainly will!

 in the mean time, as ever,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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