Saturday, August 01, 2015

wake up and smell the ricoffy

hi there

there are, look you see, better and more creative titles that i could have used for this post. instead, in my infinite generosity, i thought i'd throw nestle, or whoever makes it, a bit of a free bone to use as advertising. unless they've used that slogan somewhere before.

anyway, no, i did not wake up and smell the ricoffy as such, but my (considerably) better half did. she slept somewhat longer than i this morning, giving me ample if not plenty of time to get some mighty splendid ricoffy on the go.

yes, indeed we are going to be going all out Commodore 64 mode with the images here, to the extent that i have used both Commodore 64 mode cameras what i have installed on this iPhone thingie.

ricoffy is, indeed, not at all native or natural to life in England. this fine, fine tin that you can see was purchased in May of this year, purchased no less from a quality importer of the finer things of life. well, the finer things of life and ricoffy. 

here i am, for want of a better term, enjoying a cup of ricoffy, and indeed i am bravely drinking easy to spill coffee whilst wearing a white shirt.

ricoffy is not aimed at what you would call the elite or discerning members of South African society. it's not really aimed at the lower classes, either. there are cheaper and there are more expensive coffees available over there, so i guess this one fills that important "f*** it this will do" bracket; for it is the coffee you have a jar of kicking about for "emergencies".

the above sounds somewhat unfair of me, as it's not all that bad. i got a rather pleasant surprise, for a start, when i made it and was taken back in time somewhat via the smell, for it is some 19 or so months since the scent of it had wafted so elegantly near my nostrils.

my (considerably) better half was also most pleased by the smell of ricoffy being the aroma of our kitchen. it brought back some fond memories for her too, for this stuff was and probably is the coffee of choice of her mum, my dearly beloved mother-in-law. and so we drank the coffee. then, when that was finished, we made another cup of it - well, i made two, we didn't make our own - and then we drank them.

that was indeed an image of the super pop rock combo Kiss you could see in the background. today was a most happy day in commencement, really, as the postman brought my ultra-cheap Gold compilation of the band as part of his round of deliveries.

how are the vibes on this two disc set of Kiss? no idea, as i have not given it a play yet. it does, however, feature Love Gun plus 39 other tracks which i am sure are all smashing. well, 35 of them will be - i am uncertain as to what i will find in the four tracks that represent the ill-advised four solo albums the band released at the height of their fame, but we shall see.

what did i drink and taste the ricoffy out of? why, my rather smart Darth Vader mug that the boys got me for father's day earlier in the year. which reminds me, i need to send a second batch of father's day cards to New Zealand, what with them celebrating it in september.

that is a class Star Wars mug, it is, and it's all the more accentuated and what have you by being pictured in Commodore 64 mode.

will i be investing in ricoffy on a frequent basis? no. we have well over half of this tin left, and i would be somewhat surprised if we polished it off in a hurry. i may well purchase another tin at some point, speculatively i might say in a year or so. in the mean time, i believe we can make do with the several hundred brands which are freely available for purchase on the shelves here.

another look at that smart Kiss CD set? sure, why not.

this CD set will end up in the car at some point, during the week, i expect. i am sure i am going to look and sound smart, driving around with this on. it will be class to hear Love Gun and all them other great, great pop songs that they do for the kids.

anyway, another image of me enjoying that class ricoffy taste for you, since the hour is getting late.

anyway, that will do. i am sat here rubbing my eyes and yawning some, which would usually suggest it's time to retire for the evening.

hope that your weekend is, was or will be rather smart!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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