Sunday, August 23, 2015

a PFO from Royal Mail....

hello there

what job would i love most in the world, dear reader? that of a postman, look you see. mail, and the delivery of it, is important to me, and something of a bane of my existence, thanks to several years of experiencing the very worst abuses possible by the authorities of a post office in South Africa. i also like that idea of wandering outdoors and quite alone, just getting the job done.

chances of me ever getting gainful or meaningful employment with Royal Mail, however, took something of a nosedive this week. not, i hasten to add, that i am actively looking for verk, for i am exceedingly happy where i am, thanks. i got a PFO from them this week.

let's be honest, we've all both had a PFO, and we have, i promise you, all issued them at least once in our life. there's no avoiding the requirement of them from time to time. what, you ask, is a PFO? initials or shorthand for when you want to tell someone, politely and diplomatically, never to trouble you again. to this end, then, PFO = Please F*** Off.

i see that blogger and apple are fighting each other once more. sorry for that, you will have to look at this image of my Royal Mail PFO sideways, then. unless you have a fancy device that can rotate the image for you.

i had written to Royal Mail to ask them of their bizarre pricing. i'm not going to bother linking to the post, but you can search for it if you wish. basically, if you order 6 1st class stamps off them, which comes at a face value cost of £3.72, they wish to charge you some £1.49 or thereabouts to deliver them. this despite the fact that they control the system that posts them, and they have the budget to post me catalogue after catalogue every second week.

as you can kind of make out in this letter, they have taken that question and have somehow interpreted it as me accusing them of being dishonest or hiding the cost of postage. that is, quite frankly, a deliberately ignorant misinterpretation that i would be very proud of, but alas it does not answer my question or address the point i raised with them. my point was that if they would like me to buy my stamps online, then maybe they should not put an exorbitant fee on delivering those stamps to me.

will i be writing back? possibly. it's tempting to engage them in a debate on this one. why is it, after all, that a £1.49 surcharge is placed on online orders, yet when i buy the same number of stamps at a Post Office or even a supermarket the no such fee is imposed. it is worth me doing that if for no other reason to see how, should they reply, they elect to misinterpret that.

anyway, forwards not backwards and all of that.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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