Sunday, August 23, 2015

happy days

hi there

nothing too intelligent or worth endorsing, look you see. i just thought that those of you who have endured reading of my distress at Winston Red apparently vanishing from the market might garner some satisfaction, if not interest, from the fact that i have been able to locate some. and some not forwarded to me by Spiros, although he reckons he shall be sending some on. nice one man.

as per my good working relationship with the Japanese revealed, i got a letter off of Japan Tobacco in which they told me the stockists in my area. two of them, alas, were ones where i used to be able to buy them from, but sell them no more. on the list, however, was another Sainsbury's that was not too far out of my way, so i went to go and have a look. you see, here they are.

oh good, apple and blogger are still fighting with format and won't let me upload pictures with the rotation i want in place. note to blogger and apple - not every picture taken is a selfie; sometimes "landscape" orientation is chosen for a reason.

as usual, a disclaimer - i choose to smoke, but under no circumstances would i recommend or suggest that anyone else does, for it is silly. do what you like, but don't blame your lifestyle choices on me.

those are indeed the remnants of the Greek and South African Marlboro what Spiros kindly arranged for me, by the way. oh yes, he wholeheartedly encourages me to smoke, just like i encourage him to quaff the ale.

so, Sainsbury's sell the cigarettes that i prefer, do they? granted, they do so at an escalated price, for the £7 flat coins of money they charge for a packet is slightly north of the fee that Morrisons and Tesco used to charge me. but, the facts of life being what they are, Sainsbury's seem to be the only game in town for this particular make and model, so they call the tune and in this regard i guess i must sing it, or find a different beat somewhere else.

so, Sainsbury's are quite keen to have my coins of money, are they? i don't think it is out of the question for me to engage in correspondence with Mr Tesco and Mr Morrisons in this respect, asking them whether or not they are absolutely sure that they no longer wish to have my coins of money. if, after all, i am at Sainsbury's to get the Winston Red, i might as well get milk, bread and whatever else there too, no?

wow, this has been a lot of posts and updates for a sunday. enough, then.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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