Monday, August 24, 2015

travels of a greek postcard

hello there

well, this is rare. i am, dear reader, quite taken with the title i have given this blog post, look you see. so taken, in fact, that at some stage i intend to write a novel - probably some sort of middle class affair that gets longlisted for a prize or something - with that as the title. for now. though, it shall serve the purpose of being the title of this blog post; a post destined to be as childish and bereft of proper humour as oh so many of my works are.

my good friend Spiros, in a move which rather pre-empted the slight, somewhat negligible stockmarket crash of earlier today, recently went to Greece. whilst there he got me some smart Marlboro, a very provocative calendar of Greek lovers and this postcard you can see here. or rather can't see much of, due to Commodore 64 mode being used and some censorship - in the form of a Greek warning about cigarettes - being carefully placed.

this postcard, in all of its pure, uncensored form, is a thing of sheer beauty. so beautiful, in fact, that i could not possibly keep admiration of it all to myself. as Spiros only have the foresight and vision to send me one, i decided that the only thing i could do was to scan it and send it to a few people.

i know, it's strange. i, not for one single minute, believe that this thing i just invented  - that of sending a naked image of someone to people via email or other electronic means such as the internet - will ever take off. it was, however, the only way that i could get the image to New Zealand and South Africa with any relative speed, for i for some reason thought that some of my relatives would like to see it. my beloved mother-in-law and sister, to that end, were most enthusiastic about it. my Mum has yet to comment on it as such, but i will trust that her view was positive.

a more traditional and far more acceptable way of sending images of naked Greek gents to people is, of course, through the post. as i have a fair quantity of photo paper off of the Pound shop, i set about printing it out, sending it off to people both at random and on request.

so far i have only sent it to people within the Realm of the United Kingdom, with those rather accidentally priapic pink blotches indicating more or less the postcode of where they were sent to. except the one which is theoretically london, for that is of course from where Spiros sent the card to me in the first instance.

the headlines "three suicides linked to Ashley Madison leak" are an interesting comment on the sense of entitlement and considerable lack of a sense of perspective of these modern times, are they not? methinks that "three suicides possibly linked to people having their extra-marital or extra-relationship affairs being found out" might be a more accurate way of looking at it, but the closer you get to the truth, the less newspapers you sell and the less internet clicks you get.

responses to the arrival of the image have been, if one ignores certain comments, overwhelmingly positive. i mean, so far i have not heard from the North West, but i never do anyway, no matter what i send that so and so of a bass player. i would really like to send it to someone in Wales, and indeed the Republic of Ireland, too, but alas thus far no one has given me their address. i did think of sending one to Bono in regards of the Republic, but i am still a trifle sore about him not saying thanks for the watch batteries.

another look at the postcard in its modesty protecting form, only featuring the other Commodore 64 mode filter? sure, here it is.

you know, if they can afford grapes like the ones this fellow is eating, and can have fancy yachts on the coast, i don't think that the Greek economy is as knacked as they make out. granted, it could be the case that they can no longer afford clothes there, but i have every reason to believe, if not suspect, that the chap in the postcard is not wearing clothes as a lifestyle choice rather than it being any sort of question of affordability.

are you sat there right now saying "yes, actually, i would really rather like to get a print out of the scan of that postcard sent to me"? well, why not say so.

i am sat here with stamps, envelopes, photo paper (of a quality which is the finest that Pound Land sells) and the most happiest of inclination to send a print out off to whoever would like one. international mail is also entirely possible, but may have to wait until i can get the right stamps off of the Post Office.

if you really would wish for one of these to be sent on, then, you can get in touch with me via them "private message" things off of facebook or google+. it can be arranged. of if you want a sort of regular letter, with no photograph of Greek dudes in it, i suppose.

should this post have made your monday a happy one, well, so much the better, and ride on.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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