Monday, August 17, 2015

legends united

hi there

i was channel surfing earlier this evening. i was, look you see, searching for something to watch. i was hopeful of either finding a show in which Americans buy lockers full of junk and claim that they are of value, or a show in which Americans take junk to a central point in the hope that they may exchange it for coins of money. i was not disappointed, as i was able to see both.

on my travels, or if you like surfs, through the channels, i stumbled upon an episode of Minder, quite possibly recently scheduled so as to pay tribute to the ostensible star, George Cole, who passed away recently. i say ostensibly, for although his presence was pivotal to the show, the show itself was named after the chap that did the class theme song for it.

anyway, in that episode, i was fortunate enough to capture this image.

no, this is not some photoshopped, doctored image - what you are seeing is very real. that is indeed Dennis "bring me some" Waterman and Jimmy "hard as" Nail(s) on screen together. wow, man, that's like totally awesome. what makes it even better is that it looks like "bring me some" has only recently had his face smashed in, quite possibly by "hard as".

what's most interesting about this is that both actors have a proclivity to do the theme song for shows in which they appear. maybe "hard as" had not thought of it, and it was only after working with "bring me some" on this episode that he got the idea.

even more interesting is that if Minder had been about some Geordie barrow boy second hand car dealer instead of a Cockney one, "hard as" would probably have been cast as Terry, or whatever the Minder out of Minder was called.

what's the capital city of Cameroon? Yaoundé. don't thank me, thank Spiros. he discovered this little bit of information earlier today and was most keen to share it.

meanwhile, scenes from outside the Bongo this monday morning, and oh dear. it looks like the sauce once again got the better of a few people. here's quite a bit of broken glass; glass that presumably got this way from some sort of stress that a patron or patrons felt or were feeling.

any abandoned footwear this week, you ask? as it happens, yes. for some reason one sole, solitary, lonely sock was strewn across the road, and someone had taken the time, trouble and imagination to shove at least one shoelace into the ashtray outside the front door. the traditional second shoestring may well have been there, but rammed in so deep that it was no longer visible to ladies or members of the gentry walking by and keeping a keen eye out for such sights.

what is it about the Bongo that causes people to lose or otherwise discard their footwear? i have no idea, but i am not at all convinced that it's the Bongo at fault. if, indeed, fault is to be attributed.

how is driving, since i drive past the Bongo at least an even number of times each day as part of travels to, from and around verk? so far so good. i may well make a new mix tape, except on a CD, tonight, but other than that no issues.

William has taken something of a shine in my efforts at that most traditional of English driving activities, namely parallel parking. i am not particularly good at it, see you look, and so i normally call on the services of my (considerably) better half to do it for me, for she likes that sort of thing.

William comes along and "helps", if helping can be described as opening up the sunroof and standing out through it, as you can most surely see here. no, not whilst the car is actually moving, for such a thing would be quite silly and in all likelihood against some sort of law.

anyway, that's pretty much monday. nope, no further robots in the post, and no book that is to be turned into a film by him what did The French Connection either. perhaps tomorrow.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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