Thursday, August 27, 2015

oh smart, the new space wars jedi

hello there

i had no intention, look you see, of doing two Star Trek or whatever posts in a row, but some oddly rather interesting news has come out about the new film.

we can but only hope that Star Wars Episode VII : Mission To Moscow is decent, but just know there's a bunch of people sat just waiting to moan and groan about how it's "not as good as the idea they had, Disney should have just called me, i would have given them the perfect film for free or maybe for five minutes looking at a real girl naked", and so on.

up to now we've had constant looks at the ostensible baddie, Kilo Rusk or something i think he's called.

he is apparently a "bad jedi" but "not a sith". maybe he is one of them Klingons or Romulans or even Cylons then. boss, actually, if the latter.

anyway, we've not had a good look at who he is getting ready to twat with that longsword laser things he has on the go there. not until now, at least. and now you can.

your three options, if interested, to see are :

(a) click on this Inergramsnapbooktwerk thing link to see it properly

(b) watch this off screen video i made on my blueberry, a clip that i am proud of the pirate quality of

(c) simply scroll down and look at this classy still image what i have made for you.

so it's this one called Finn that's the "good" jedi, is it. well, as good as a jedi can be, i suppose, considering their pretty right wing values and ways of doing things.

the positive about this is that maybe he is the child of Lando and Princess Leia, and this is all evidence that we will get to see Billy Dee Williams back where he belongs, which is in movies of quality. should Star Wars Episode VII : Mission To Moscow in fact be a movie of quality.

 anyhow, hope some if not all of this has been of use to some of you.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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