Wednesday, August 19, 2015

my burgeoning relationship with the Japanese

hello there

in recent times i have made mention of what i consider to be my good working relationship with Japan or, if you like, the Japanese, look you see. this was something which, in many respects, was confirmed this week by the arrival of correspondence from Japan.

well, when i say from Japan, i of course mean Surrey. to those not in the know, Surrey is not usually considered a provide of Imperial Japan. as Japan Tobacco are seemingly based there, as far as i am concerned the rule of law of Japan applies to the place.

the correspondence, or if you like letter, arrived on some really elegant, high quality paper - basically half a tree in thickness, to give you a clue on what i mean by high quality. it features, as you can see here, a restrained, minimalist company logo, which is fitting with their understated presence in both Surrey and the world as a whole.

what was the letter about? well, we shall get to that later, but in the meantime, here, have a gander at this.Google, as some of you may know, have an "album of the week" on their Play store, where one can purchase a classic album for either 99p or, from time to time should the artist or if you like artiste dictate it, £1.99. look, see you who it is this week.

yep, that's classic Barbs right there for, at the time of going to print, all of 99p.  wow. i mean, wow. that's Guilty for less than a pound. if she did do any sh!t albums, right, and i am not saying that she ever did, i would not expect them to ever be available for south of £5.

the only thing stopping me from clicking above in yellow and buying yet another copy of this album is that i don't have that much balance left on my Google account. it's raining, so i am not walking down to the shop to buy a new one. and i will be f***** if i am giving my banking details to Google, looking at what happens when i do an image search for myself.

despite having the CD of it, with a fancy DVD too no less (yes, i know i am supposed to do a blog post on it but i haven't got to it), i may well commission a voucher tomorrow, load it up and buy this again.

in the mean time, Google had the good grace and courtesy to extend to me an invitation to write a review of the album. i was very happy to oblige.

if the above is all rather too much tl;dr for you, whatever that means, then let me assure you that it is a very positive review of the record, and i can only hope it encourages some of the kids to turn off the gangsta rap for a bit and turn on the sounds of the Barbs.

but anyway, back to Japan. i would imagine that Barbs has played a concert or two in Japan, assuming that enough Yen was presented to her (in distinguished briefcases), but that's not what my letter, or if you like correspondence pertained to. what was it, then?

as some of you are tired of being aware, i have been struggling - seriously - to find Winston Red on the shelves anywhere. i wrote to Japan Tobacco, then, to ask them were exactly i could buy them. they wrote back with a list of places in my area that, as far as they are concerned, sell these fine cigarettes. 

i was highly impressed with how fast they wrote back to me. i am, however, sadly slightly less impressed with the list. on their documentation of retailers that sell them, according to them, are the two stores that did sell them, but now do not, which is what prompted me to write to them in the first instance. oh bugger.

it's likely that i will write back and tell them they are mistaken, requesting that they give me a more accurate list before i go off driving around. it is more likely, however, that i must face the reality of being resigned to having to change brand once more. oh, how i wish Marlboro was affordable here.

anyway, let me not keep you from buying that Barbs album for 99p with my melancholy tales of woe about cigarettes.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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