Saturday, August 15, 2015

living the high life

hi there

i went to the shops today, look you see, to find out if there had been any change in the state of play with Winston Red being available. the answer, alas, was no. this was not entirely unexpected, but made somewhat more frustrating by virtue of the fact that the alternate i had opted for, Chesterfield, now also seems to be getting rather scare. if i were a Silk Cut or Bensons man, believe me, i would be spoilt for choice. also bankrupt, going on the fee those lesser brands command.

just as well, then, that - amongst other things - my good friend Spiros has sent me along an insanely large amount of Marlboro to work through. here, here's a mere 10% or so of what he sent.

nice one man, always appreciated, and with the current drought here of cigarettes that i consider to be acceptable (affordable), all the more pertinent that he should send them on.

they are indeed two very different types of Marlboro, how observant of you to note. some of them came off of Greece, where Spiros went to see if he couldn't have a go at mending their economy (alas, no), and the others are from South Africa, from where he recently needed to fly in his own personal electrician from.

do i still need to put disclaimers in? very well. cigarettes are, like, really bad for you and stuff, and cause you to die. so don't smoke them. comments about the fags in this blog are entirely my own opinion and view, and not an endorsement, and if you follow my lead in smoking or anything for that matter, you need to set your sights somewhat hire on a decent role model.

as you can see, sort of, Marlboro was not the only thing what Spiros got me off of Greece. behind this very carefully placed packet of cigarettes is a rather smart postcard of a young Greek lad, who for some reason is bereft of clothes, enjoying a grape or two as a fancy yacht sails by.

surely such a postcard, featuring a gent naked and proud, is not the sort of thing that Royal Mail smile upon, or deliver willingly? probably not, no, but it was in the box with the fags, so they don't know that they delivered it.

do i really rather like postcards from Greece featuring naked men stood on beaches? well, to my knowledge this would be the first one which i have ever received, and this it's the absolute best one that i have. it is so magnificent, as point of fact, that i have scanned it and sent it to a few people. i may well yet send it to a few more people, actually, as i have stamps here. and envelopes.

is there much in the way of a difference between the SA Marlboro and the Greek Marlboro? not really. i mean, not between the rather different languages both use on the packaging. and the general outlay of the pack, but Marlboro's style and design must be one of the most easy things in the world that you can see and recognize straight away.

in terms of taste and experience, identical. some brands - Camel in particular - have different blends for different regions of the world. not so Marlboro, who produce a product of such distinguished quality that the taste, flavour and experience of it remains as a constant wherever you get it from. unless you buy them illicit bootleg pirate ones, which have the classy asbestos filters on them.

for what reason was it, you might ask, that Spiros felt the need to fly a personal electrician in from South Africa? ladies and gentlemen, as well as you may think you know Spiros through his many adventures shared on these blog pages, you simply don't know the half of it. i am pretty hazy on the exact details myself, but from what i can gather Spiros required a circuit board knacked in a very particular way so that he may be able to do business with a circuit board dealer in Blackpool, and no cockney electrician could knack it in a satisfactory manner.

in between all of that, Spiros managed to find, harking back to earlier on in this post, what could well be the last packet of Winston Red in England, sat proudly for sale in London.

he reckons he will be sending it on to me in the fullness of time. nice one man, i know you are bust with electricians, so no rush. 

returning briefly to the gifts of Greece from Spiros, then, and he also sent me this calendar; the cover of which was not quite as censored as i hoped it would be by using the magic of the more pixellating Commodore 64 camera mode that i have. but you are all grown ups, i am assuming.

the efforts of Sprios to fix the Greek economy were hampered somewhat when he, in his words, got "distracted" by this calendar. flicking through it and it is very easy to see why that would be the case, to be honest. roll on the new year, i say, where i think i will make efforts to take this calendar in to verk and have it on proud display on my desk.

yeah, i appreciate that this post has, more or less, been all about how happy i am to have some Marlboro once ago. it might seem silly, or not a lot to you, but it's a very great big deal to me, thanks.

right, let me see who else i have in my address book that i may send a print out of a scan of that class postcard that Spiros sent to me.

i'll see if i can make the next blog post a little less Marlboro in content, but no promises.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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