Saturday, August 01, 2015

the blue shampoo

hello there

blimey, August? really, look you see? that speed of time thing, even though time does not scientifically exist, really is true as you get older. but anyway, you're not here for bemoaning the passing of time; you're here for more adventures from me in shampoo.

as regular readers will be aware, i wrestle with finding the correct shampoo for me. that would be, of course, shampoo what has lemon shoved in it, as Jason Donovan pioneered the use of in the late 1980s. i have, for the most part, had to broaden my thinking a bit, and now have to content with different sources of citrus being shoved in shampoo rather than the purity offered by lemon.

i recently, as i shall no doubt get around to sharing here at some point in the not too distant future, had reason to make use of some blue shampoo. not just any blue shampoo, of course, but the finest in blue shampoo that is available in the world, or more importantly in Yorkshire.

birley blue shampoo, a brief, generalised google search has revealed, is an exquisitely rare item in the world these days. whereas pompous twats speak of vintages of wine as if they were speaking of something other than what's basically grape juice with alcohol, sugar and sweat off the feet of Italian peasants in it, the more discerning people know that vintages of shampoo are a far more crucial and interesting thing to be aware of.

whereas wine is always shoved in bottles of a standard nature to meet commercial requirements, shampoo dictates the form of the storage. here, as you can see, it was best ascertained that blue shampoo should be housed exclusively in a cylindrical pyramid style bottle, as this allowed prominent emphasis to be placed on the flair and tactile qualities of it. also, this gives even the most casual of shampoo connoisseur the assured sense that this will in fact do what it needs to, which is wash your hair to a most satisfactory standard.

are, you might well be asking at this stage, celebrated beat pop combo Showaddywaddy still a going concern in this day and age? my friend Jonathan posed this question in passing recently, and so i was delighted to find evidence that yes, indeed they are.

no, alas, i did not get to see this band perform all their hits, whatever they were, as my travels took me to the venue where they played after the date you see above. i can sort of remember watching and hearing them play when they were quite the staple of 70s tv light entertainment, but i could not name a specific song they did. i assume they were all pretty good, or if you like smart, owing to the frequency with which they seemed to be on shows. i am pretty sure they did the odd Radio 1 road show, back when Radio 1 was decent and played music and did things like have those road show things during summer.

back to the shampoo of blue, and as you can see it can be enhanced in use by the birley crystal clear shower gel, so long as one is considering and thinking of a particularly clear, or if you like transparent, crystal at the time they are making the comparison.

was i as satisfied with the shower gel as i was the shampoo? yes. shower gel, to me, is a means to an end. i don't really care if it has citrus in it to the extent that i am concerned about it being an integral part of my shampoo. papaya and mango, however, would seem to be integral parts of the shower gel i am using on a more frequent basis at the moment, however.

so, is blue shampoo any good? yes. it cleansed my hair and, so far as i can tell, did not accelerate the levels of grey my hair is increasingly showing. it did not, however, impede or retard the spread of grey, but then it never claimed to.

i trust that this helps you should it be the case that you are confronted with blue shampoo and are uncertain what to expect from it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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