Friday, August 14, 2015

new old toys

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well, look you see, we would seem to be all but four months away from this Star Wars Episode 7 : Mission To Moscow film being released. quite a few people are getting all excited about it, assuming that it's going to be one of the all time greatest films of all time. one can only trust that they are not disappointed when it comes out.

some images of the contractually obliged, if not inevitable, toys of the film have worked their way onto the internet. it's not for me to repost images of the characters and action figures of the new ones, as such, but i could not but help notice that there are several toys featuring the "classic" Star Wars characters. no Officer Mahoney or Sgt Hightower, but some familiar characters from the universe all the same.

oh, good. Disney, or whoever, has clocked that a pretty good, if not efficient, way of extracting coins of money from me and the many other sad cases like me out there is to make yet more Boba Fett stuff available to purchase. nice one, although i am not sure i am comfortable with yet another sanitised, made nice Boba Fett, as once more this is a toy, or if you like action figure, that sees the infamous wookie scalp missing.

your guess is as good as mine in regards of the "armour up" accessory which comes with either of these characters. neither are things that i can recall from the films, but it has been a while since i saw them.

as for Luke, that is the classic Revenge Of The Jedi costume he has on in that action figure. and my my, are they not hammering the classic Luke look hard in the toys, for you will also be able to purchase an action figure, or if you like toy, of Luke in his Empire Strikes Back beige outfit.

yes, i have seen this "first look" leaked image of Luke Skywalker as he appears in Star Wars Episode VII : Mission To Moscow. no, i am not posting it here, for Disney are going around issuing takedown orders to everyone that posts it. can i describe it? certainly. it's a bearded, somewhat mid-70s The King, Elvis Presley sized Luke, wearing a robe and threads that look more or less like what Obi Wan did in the Episode IV - VI films of Police Academy. nothing special and nothing unexpected.

giving credit for leaked / "stolen" images seems a bit strange, but why not -  Star Wars 7 news is where i found these images, and it is where you will find all that you would want to about the film.

a closer look at Luke in his classic Empire Strikes Back outfit? i don't see why not. the quality is not great, but i am sure enthusiastic Luke fans will not mind.

it's interesting that we are going to get, at the least, two "classic" Luke toys, but on the basis of the images which have come out, not a single solitary Han Solo one. perhaps it was the case that Harrison Ford did not quite need the coins as much as Mark Hamill did, and thus did not sign off any sort of renewed image rights to let them make some toys. had, all them years ago, they cast Steve Guttenberg as Han Solo, not only would we have had much more different films, but also they probably would have been able to make as many toys of his character as they liked.

as Darth Vader, like Boba Fett, does not strictly speaking feature an actor's face, they are of course free to make as many toys in his image as they like, and so we do indeed, it seems, get another Darth Vader toy to throw into the collection. 

i am not at all sure i get this one, in particular how it relates to the new Mission To Moscow film. Luke is obviously going to be a central part of the film, and us sad case acolytes can but hope that Boba Fett makes an appearance. Darth Vader, though? he got killed, then got burned up to ashes, then became one of them ghost things. it strikes me as somewhat unlikely that he will feature in the new film, then.

anyhow, i trust that these have been of some passing interest to one or two of you fellow Police Academy fans who are looking forward to having a bit of a gander at the new movie.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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