Wednesday, August 12, 2015

shampoo, shower gel and you

hello there

more diving headlong into the world of personal hygiene, look you see. mostly as i do not consider myself at all qualified to speak of, and let me type this rather carefully, public hygiene.

usually it is deodorant or shampoo that i would "go off on one" about, i appreciate, but let's instead go to, or start with, the interesting world of shower gel. 

shower gel is a relatively recent innovation in the world of personal cleanliness and care, and has been something of a blessing to those of us simple types who were never really able to grasp the complexities of soap in a shower; lest we turn to the inherent evils of "soap on a rope".

up until now, and i do appreciate that it is in its infancy, shower gel has been pretty much rudimentary in content and purpose. that's all a thing of the past, now, with these new types i have picked up apparently being something of what i believe the kids call a "game changer".

yes. in a rather successful effort to attract my coins of money, shower gel manufacturers have clocked that all they have to do is shove lemon in their products. or lime, which is probably pretty much the same thing as lemon, when think about it.

it did my heart good to see these items on sale. as regular readers will be all too aware, i have been struggling to come to terms with the fact that shampoo makers no longer consider lemon to be a necessary or quite class thing to shove in their products. when i left England, i left an England that was blessed with the knowledge of Jason Donovan, who informed the world that he washed his hair with shampoo what had lemon in it. i have returned to an England where this teaching, or if you like learning, has sadly been abandoned. i am doing my best to rectify that.

on the note of that, and shampoo, here you go, progress is being made in a return to the traditional values of how Jason Donovan washes his hair.

i had been making do with the only lemon shampoo i could find, which was that ultimate blends off of someone called Garnier. it was not ideal, for the insisted on blending it with green tea or something, but it did the job. Clairol, or whoever it says on that bottle, have struck back by adding purely lemon to their shampoo. well, it might have lime in it too, or be only lime, but as we agreed earlier, same thing.

the above shampoo presented in the glory of Commodore 64 mode with scan lines switched on? certainly, dear reader, i can do that for you with pleasure. 

just because bought this herbal essences shampoo purely and exclusively because it was about a third of the price of the ultimate blends one should not be taken as the only reason i bought it. it's important, i think, to keep Garnier, or whoever makes ultimate blends, on their toes a little bit. let them know, as it were, that they are not the only game in town.

does Jason Donovan still wash his hair with shampoo what has had lemon shoved in it? does it make washing your hair any better? i do not, alas, known the answer to either question. i do know, however, that Jason Donovan, or if you like Jase, is awesome, and if he says that lemon in shampoo is the way to go, that's the way i will go. and indeed have gone, for just slightly south of 30 years.

actually i've just had a look at the bottle of herbal essences and it does not explicitly state that it has lemon in it, rather it has the words "citrus scent" on it. but hey, lemon smells, right, and lemon is widely recognized - by scientists and such like - as being the only true, genuine and useful supplier of citrus, whatever this citrus stuff actually is. probably stuff that makes the lemons work so well on Jason Donovan's hair, i suppose.

a quick break from the world of lemon infused personal hygiene products, then, to have a look at a very merry blast from the past. here, take a gander at this question off of the latest edition of Match Of The Day Quiz Special.

that is indeed, on the side without the silver hair, the legend that is Branco. as in the Branco who was quite happily retired, right up until the point that Boro phoned him and offered him a good deal of money to come and play again.

when it transpired that Branco was, in the eternal words of my mate Fraser, "no longer the fastest", Boro attempted to make him into some sort of coach for the team. legend has it that his one and only team talk, before a match against Wimbledon as i recall, went along the lines of "run run run, pass pass pass, win 1-0 then lager, lager nightclub". we as it happens lost the game, maybe 1-0 but a 3-0 scoreline comes to mind, and Branco's contract was paid up in full the very next working day.

for an even further diversion from lemon based cleaning products, one of them "selfie" things of my (considerably better half and i in Commodore 64 mode, but with the other Commodore 64 mode camera mode being used? why not, here you go.

quite smart, that is, i must confess i rather more lean to liking the "scan lines" images, but these pixellated, or however you say it, ones do the job.

yeah, i know, there's been more images of me on this blog of late than any of you would normally care to see. sorry about that, but this is my blog, you know, it's not unreasonable for me to actually feature on it from time to time.

back to scanlines, then, and back to this fancy new shower gel that i have discovered and bought.

the "original source" one seems to be very proud of the fact that it is a "vegan" product. isn't vegan something to do with not eating cows or whatever? unless i am very much mistaken the idea of shower gel is not to eat it, not even by accident.

the other one, the one i am most confident about for it has lemon written on it, is from brand Morrisons. if it is any good, i shall continue to use them as my provider of provisions of choice, despite the fact that they have ceased to sell Winston Red.

on that note, i have indeed reached out to the Japan Tobacco company in the form of a letter. i posted it today, and i remain hopeful that they reply and tell me just where it is that i may still give them coins of money for their products.

going back, however briefly, to the shower gel with lemon in it, and no i cannot tell you how it performs, for i have not used it as such as yet. i am still busy with some fancy imperial leather branded shower gel. when that is done, i will try one of these. it is my hope that the lemon in it will do the job.

many thanks, as ever, for reading, and i look forward to bringing you further updates, about such things as shower gel and beyond, soon.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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