Tuesday, July 28, 2015


hello there

not a particularly great deal of consequence, as usual i suppose, look you see. just a blog post to keep things ticking over here a bit, giving you, who apparently has absolutely nothing else better to do, something to have a bit of a gander at since you're here now.

it is, in theory, our summer here. yes, indeed, English summers are supposed to be a thing of glory, revered and admired around the world. this year, alas, has not really seen things work out like that. as in, with today all but over, we've had two days of solid rain in this, the last week to form July.

here i am endeavouring to enjoy what i can of the weather we have been given.

yes, as you can see, i am still getting on really rather well with all that quitting / cutting down considerably business in respect of the cigarettes. actually, this one is a bit of a cheeky fag, so to speak, as it is one of my (considerably) better half's cigarettes. i inadvertently picked up her packet this morning, which she is quite cross about, and has since made me purchase her a whole new packet.

speaking of a cheeky fag, Spiros reports that London is not doing all that much better with the weather than us at the moment. we all know when it is raining in London because the national newspapers are in London so when it rains there they all print front page stories about how it is raining in London, how absolutely terrible it is and how no other place in the world suffers the way London does with rain.

not that rain prevents a hard man like Spiros going out and about. here, have a look. this is an image of one of Spiros's favourite places in the world, the disused and somewhat distressed former Blockbuster video rental store in tropical Hammersmith.

the bag you can see there by the white section of wall is one that, Spiros assures me, is "owned" by that tramp like vagrant who resides in the general area of the disused branch of Blockbuster. evidently he was not there at the time this picture was taken; presumably he was off doing whatever the hell it is he does from time to time during the day.

i happen to know that one of the things he does is have a go at being a bit of a hair stylist, or if you like barber. i know this because once Spiros gave him a pound coin, a pair of scissors, a bottle of cider and the instruction to be free; to go around and cut hair with gay abandon. so actually maybe he has been detained by the constabulary, should any misunderstandings have happened as a result of that.

back to my travels in a proper part of England, and here's an abandoned, if you like used, packet of cigarettes i spotted.

i took the picture as a means to remember to investigate them further. 777 is a brand i am not at all familiar with, and so this was the first time i had seen such cigarettes. well, a box that had them in.

the health warnings were all English, as far as i could make out, so it's not like this is an el cheapo brand from Greece, Romania or some other, similar, eastern european sh!thole that the people of, lucky them, have access to decent priced cigarettes. 

would i try out some of these 777 fags if i were able to find them? undoubtedly yes. they are in a nice, shiny package, after all, and they are cigarettes. i am sure they would get whatever job i asked of them done.

finally, then, here is an image of what Spiros described as being a "bunch of twats", apparently being described in such terms as they were stood waiting for the Apple store to open.

why were people waiting for the Apple store to open? beats me. perhaps Apple has unleashed some new product that today was the release day for, and these are eager hipster, "millennials" types, keen to get their hands on it at the expense of their parents or a financial institution as soon as possible.

for what reason was Spiros at the Apple store? from what i could work out he was in the company of a gent he had recently met in a building which had a secluded public lavatory in it, and the two of them were on some sort of jolly crusade to try and meet Sir Paul McCartney out of The Beatles. to my knowledge, they alas failed in this quest.

more, dear reader, as and when it happens, which might now, looking upon a calendar, might only be in August.

if this is indeed the final post for July, remember the month this way.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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