Wednesday, May 27, 2015

live by the sea

hi there

many apologies to those who did a google and found this via the title, a reference to the seminal, debut live video off of Oasis. yes, it was boss, but no, look you see, you won't find a copy of it here. instead, as alluded to if not hinted at in a post yesterday, this is all family time along the coast. Whitby, if you want specifics, although i would wager one or two pictures will give that away.

mostly, you will be pleased to read, this features the 75% of my family that you all actually like and can, at worst, tolerate, with the 25% that's a problem - me - on appearing in fleeting passing. but enough of my yakking, onwards to pictures and, indeed, video.

first off, we really, really like them sketch machines.

it is, as you may well have worked out all by yourself from the above, getting to be an increasing challenge for all four of us to get into the booth thingie to have these done. either they are shrinking the size of the booth or we are all getting bigger. not sure which one.

there are not, you may be pleased or saddened to learn, all that many pictures to be had here. sorry for that, we were all too busy having a lot of fun to stop and snap too many images. i was, however, able to get some pictures taken as the boys went wild in one of their most favourite things, the celebrated House Of Mouse fun house.

little, if anything, screams "historic and celebrated fishing town on the Yorkshire coast" quite like a quasi-castle crafted and built in celebration of an imaginary mouse; a mouse that our friends in America celebrate the birthday of, despite the imaginary status. but hey, enough of my tired, twisted cynicism, our children and many others absolutely love it.

a video of the above? surely.

what do i like best about House Of Mouse? i think that it costs £1.50 for each child, and they can stay in there as long as they like. that's a darned fine deal these days.

i would imagine, if someone has not already done this already, that some sort of midget, or perhaps someone that just looks like a rodent, will eventually fashion themselves as a DJ and use the name Mouse Of House. i shall consult some young people on the subject, but i would imagine that it has been done already.

for those of you who get all uppity and have a tremendous sense of entitlement, be warned, for the next image features me. even though i do, surprisingly, look reasonably decent in the image, i know some of you would prefer not to see me at all, so you've been warned.

me looking halfway decent does not, of course, really matter. my (considerably) better half has, does and always shall look far finer than me. aaaah.

the merry-go-round located quite near the celebrated House Of Mouse fun house was of an equal cost in terms of having a go. whilst not lasting quite so long as their time in the fun house, the boys assured me that this ride was just as much fun for them. and why not.

a video of the above? surely, although not with that sort of Spaniard or Latin like lad in it; he wisely got out of the way before the ride started. actually i think he pretty much had to, since he was in control of all the gears and levers that make it work.

i would, i think, like a job where i am in charge of gears and lever all day. that would be boss, that, although i probably wouldn't be very good at it. i would just want to pull and twist all the gears and levers all day, just to see what happened when i did. perhaps i should look into being some sort of long distance driver. although i do not really care for driving.

some of the sights of Whitby? sure, if you insist. in the background of this image you can see the celebrated Abbey, although that was obviously not the focus of the image.

yes, i am indeed using that light purple / lilac phone cover these days, hence the light purple border to some of the pictures i am taking these days. roll on my next encounter with the cows, i say, as the pictures and video i take of them shall look all the more magnificent.

the 75% of my family you all like stood next to a cannon, you ask after? i can think of no reason whatsoever not to post such a picture, so here you go.

the cannon is not what you would call serviceable at present, but i am sure it would be just the work of a moment to get it fully operational. could be quite handy if an undesirable - someone from France, for instance, to select a random example - attempted a land invasion of Whitby.

the drive home was interesting for a number of reasons. for a start we were unable to take our chosen, or if you prefer preferred, road home due to it being closed. there was a terrible accident, looking at the state of the car, and i sincerely hope that all in the car were ok, or at least have the medical attention they require.

being in a situation where a road was closed and we were stuck in a traffic jam was almost like being on the roads in Johannesburg. there were just a few minor differences, attributable to, i suppose, the English way of doing things. the major differences were :

* the police were professionally and politely diverting traffic and doing all they could to clear the scene, instead of removing items of value from the wreckage to store at home or "lose" at a chop shop or suitable pawn shop facility.

* none of the police appeared to be soliciting bribes from any motorist stuck.

* the motorists stuck in the traffic jam sat patiently and waited to go. there was no driving on the embankments or the wrong side of the road.

* no one was waving guns around or attempting to blow up a cash in transit van.

our alternate route saw us - briefly - being followed by someone who had done up his car like KITT, or if you insist K.I.T.T., off of Knight Rider. here is a subtle video i took of it in the side mirror.

i always wondered what them side mirrors were for, as i have never used them whilst driving. why should i, after all, give a good f*** what is behind me? i am going forward, and anyone or anything of consequence behind me can surely see me and drive accordingly.

our new route, taking us through such delights as Runswick Bay, Loftus and some mildly curious place that's name began with a B or a G, took longer than the usual would. not a problem, as it was a beautiful drive. the boys asked if we would be OK. i used all of my celebrated and brilliant parenting skills to assure them that yes, we would be fine, but that if the drive took longer than an hour we would probably have to start drinking our own wee in order to survive. for the most part they took this as the light hearted joke as it was intended to be, but also they did ask "has it been an hour yet" sporadically.

well, that was, for the most part, our day yesterday. i hope that whatever you did was splendid too!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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