Saturday, May 02, 2015

a return to the values of commodore 64

hi there

i got a bit brave this week and updated not one, not four, but a staggering two of my ipod thingies. this usually results in at least one of them being blanked, look you see, by the errant, or if you like complete sh!t, software that Apple insists one uses on their products.

as one of the two - the touch thing, which is basically a toy akin to them phones they make, only with more functionality and no obtrusive phone calls - has the Commodore 64 camera app on, i thought i had best take some C64 mode pictures and post them here on the off chance any of you were missing this magnificent sort of thing.

it was somewhat late on in the evening and, in truth, i was dazzled if not mesmerized by the fact that the Apple software had pretty much done all i had asked of it. well, almost, but more just now. this all meant, to you, that i lacked the will and imagination to seek out overtly or particularly cool things to take pictures of in Commodore 64 mode. hence, as you will have observed by now, the selfie.

what was the almost part? well, when i plugged in the touchy feely ipod all sorts of warnings flashed up, saying that i had to authorize this ipod now otherwise all data on it would be erased.

the idea that Apple would warn me that they were to delete everything was an interesting one, and is somewhat out of step with their usual approach. i opted to take advantage of this chance that Apple gave me to not erase everything, and thus promptly entered the password that would, in theory, authorize the device in connection with the computer / iTunes and presumably not, then, delete everything. what happened? something magical, wonderful and entirely unexpected. so spectacular, in fact, that it warrants its own paragraph.

when i entered the password and pressed the button marked "authorize", another warning came up. this warning stated that this device was in fact already authorized as was required, and suggested that i was wasting my time and theirs by attempting to authorize it again. if, dear reader, you do not know your arse from your elbow when it comes to designing software or implementing it, i suggest you send your cv to Apple. they want to hear from you, they want your deft skills in place.

that classy Pop! Boba Fett thingie i got recently in Commodore 64 mode? of course, why not. it, or if you like he, was fairly close by, so a picture seemed not unreasonable.

yes, it is indeed back in its box, and not installed or mounted anywhere. i have no idea at all what i shall do with it. something someday, i suppose.

a C64 mode picture of those pictures ina  fine frame that my (considerably) better half put together is also doable, very much so. and here it is.

do i still believe that everything in the world looks better when presented in Commodore 64 mode? yes, very much so. i suppose i should take my ipod along one day and take some pictures of the cows in C64 mode; perhaps then they shall not look quite so menacing and vicious.

as Boba Fett featured, her with the dinosaur things off of Game Of Thrones had best be here too, i hear you say. here she is, Daenerys or whatever, in full on Commodore 64 style for you.

i see the write ups, or if you like synopsis things, for the next few episodes of all this Game Of Thrones business have been released. published, as point of accuracy. reading them makes it sound like all that will happen in this series is that a lot of people will do an awful lot of walking to get somewhere, and then presumably it shall all end for another year or so on some sort of cliffhanger that they have no intention of resolving.

the show has been good, but it is flirting very dangerously with getting to be very stale, pedestrian and dull. i think perhaps it is time they just get her with the fire to marry him with the ice and be done with it all.

oh go on, then, another selfie of me to finish off. call it vanity, call it insecurity, or just overlook it i suppose.

yeah, i know, i am likely to have calls for my head on a spike for saying Game Of Thrones is getting a bit past its sell by date, but after (ahem) three episodes thus far, it's not really been as interesting as it has. there's a case to say a steady stroll downhill after series three is gaining speed.

i don't really think there is anything more that i can say of how excellent Commodore 64 mode is that i have not said in the last two years, to be honest.

oddly, at this stage in my life i find i don't have a Commodore 64 emulator on the go on a computer presently. maybe i should fix that. i have that netbook thingie, i suppose i could put it on that and sit and play Stroker Ace or Racing Destruction Set in bed on an evening. it might interfere with my reading of the new John Connolly novel, which is rather good, but maybe i can work out a way to balance the two. oh look, that's just rather nicely managed to produce enough text to wrap around the picture the way i have formatted it so i don't really need to write anything else here, but thanks for reading this.

right, probably some further bus vibes next. a double whammy of them, or a double dose if that sounds better.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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