Friday, May 08, 2015

the pink pint

hello there

yes, indeed, regular readers who are here regularly, my eye is somewhat better and i have, as point of fact, gone out and found some images of interest for you, mostly if not purely to break up the monotony of all those "bus vibes" posts you have been so kind to read.

the eye is better, but not entirely healed, look you see. it does not look like i have been lamped quite so harshly any more, rather just more a sort of light slap to it.

today was a day that started off with much promise. despite the air remaining somewhat crisp (hello, Faye), there was no chilly breeze weaving its way through it. the sun was also present as a seeming constant, and so it seemed that the weather would hold to a state of being fine for most of the day today.

indeed, dear reader, indeed i did try and make some sort of effort to "frame" or "compose" this picture for you, or whatever the fancy terminology is that these photo type people use. did it work? you tell me, really, i just wanted to try and capture, as best as i could with the limitations of my phone that has a camera welded to it, a lovely view. i am not sure that the slightest touches of frost which rest upon the blades of grass in that field are as accentuated as they could be, but i tried.

why is it exactly that photographers usually have a picture of them holding a camera in their profile pictures? is it meant to be some sort of reinforcement of what it is they do, or do they just assume we will all be too thick to understand what a photographer does if we don't see them with a photo device? i am considering creating a profile picture of me holding my keyboard up since i, at last and as how many have kindly said should perhaps always have done, now am fortunate enough to write for a living.

these images are not at all linear, so another view similar to the one above will come along later. in the mean time, though, something i spotted in a shop, and Rolling $tone$ enthusiasts will no doubt be delighted to learn that our dear friend Ronnie Wood makes a return. 

over the years it has been discussed, or if you like narrated, that the driving force behind all business efforts by the $tone$ these days is to fund, if not underwrite, Ronnie Wood's great passion for divorce. but what, you may ask, do the ladies that Ronnie carefully selects for divorce do whilst they wait for the cheque to come off of the $tone$' lawyers? why, the write memoirs, or if you like autobiographies, which to ensure they are accessible to a wider audience are made available at Pound Land.

have i at all purchased and read this book? no. i don't think it would be practical, comfortable or convenient to read a hardback book on the bus, and i am not prepared to have one by my bedside. this is a shame, as i would probably like to read this one. it would be fascinating, after all, to learn what drew her to the third choice for the secondary and mostly irrelevant guitarist in one of the biggest and greatest rock bands of all time.

back to earlier in the day today, and as point of fact something slightly $tone$ related, for an image of a lone dandelion which had sprouted and flourished within the grounds near my bus stop of choice.

there is a case to suggest that the dandelion is, in many respects, the Ronnie Wood of nature. no one is quite sure precisely what the fuss is all about or what purpose is served by its presence, but it is all the same rather better to live in a world with them than it is to dwell in an existence which is bereft of them.

now then, the title of this post promised you a pink pint. and here it isn't. rather than a pink pint, here is a pint glass, or a pint pot if you want to be all northern about it, which is mostly empty but clearly had something that looked pink in it. and look, it had a straw too.

this was rather casually left by the path down towards the under bridge walkway that allows one to pass, in relative safety, beneath the train tracks. it is, for those in the know of the region, indeed on the over the border side of things.

exactly what sort of drink was in this glass/pot? i would be fairly confident in placing down a financial wager that it was something alcoholic, but the specifics are something of a mystery to me. something pink in shade and a sort of foamy creamy texture is all that i could work out from the remnants you see before you.

it is at times like this that i really, really miss having Spiros around with me. he is brave and bold and always eager to do something or other that enables him to get completely and utterly sh!tfaced. if he were with me, he would have had a bit of a sip of what is left and would have worked out what it was.

whilst the exact and specific provenance or origin of this most exquisite, exotic looking cocktail (assuming it was not drawn on tap) cannot be ascertained, i would be fairly confident that it came from the Bongo. this is because it was quite near the Bongo, and the only other possible place it could have come from, as unlikely as this would be, is from the headquarters of the constabulary.

back to the start for the end of this post, then, and another image of the lovely ways of spring, right before all the grey and the rain that we have right now came along and, thus far, remained.

and that's that for today. i am rather tired, as most people in the country here are after staying awake late last night to watch all them election results come in. yes, a bus vibes thing will be posted at some stage over the weekend, but for now have a most splendid weekend wherever you are.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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