Sunday, May 24, 2015

Boro take over Trafalgar Square

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well, it's the night before the big day. yeah, the richest single game of football anywhere in the world, with the winner looking to get a big chunk of coins of money. more money than even Blatter or Platini can milk from the game, but that's for another time.

Boro fans have taken over Trafalgar Square, look you see. no, literally, look you see if you are looking at this blog on the evening of Sunday 24 May. here is the link to the Trafalgar Square CCTV thing. just press play on the video screen halfway down the page. many thanks to my mate Payney for the link

for those unable to see the video live, or are looking at this after the fact, here's a few screenshots. oddly the poor quality is not my fault this time, but sorry all the same.

in my best Jack Bauer voice, which isn't a good one, the following takes place between 7:44pm and 8:01pm, Sunday 24 May 2015.

why am i not there? well, tickets were about £100 each, plus more than that to get there and back. also, if i took a ticket, then someone who could have got to more games during the season than me would not have had one. fair play, let those who have been able to invest in following the side in person have first dibs.

am i confident that we can do it? well, sure. if we play as well as we can, there are few sides that we would fear. the lads will be going out there to do the best they can, and that's all we can ask. we will love and support the team no matter what happens.

blimey, as you can see, there are a fair few of them. must be strange for London, having so many actual, proper real football fans in the city for a change. 

a certain form of public opinion is against us, of course. the bookies, or if you like turf accountants, have Norwich as the favourites. i am happy for them to have that pressure on them, thanks.

in the media, Stephen Fry has remembered that he is a Norwich fan, and last night Graham Norton decided to use his introduction to the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest as a conduit or forum to attack Middlesbrough. so, the homosexual icons of the celebrity establishment would seem to be against us too. 

hey ho, we are used to not being popular. we like us, we welcome all to our world. on a similar note, it seems perfectly in order to say a big thank you to London for making our fans welcome.

that is a hell of a lot of fans congregating there. we have, with some ease, sold out our allocation of some 35,000 tickets. those who have not gone from the town down to London will, i would suggest, be gathered around television sets and radios tomorrow, hoping those who went down have an amazing, wonderful, all singing trip back.

am i bothered that the homosexual icons of the celebrity establishment favour Norwich over Boro? not really. whereas we welcome any and all fans, just dig who you dig, man. if Stephen Fry says that they all have to support Norwich because he all of a sudden remembered he is a fan, well then i am sure it is the case that they are contractually obliged to.

a last picture, then. if you were there and can work out where you are in any of these pictures, then so much the better - glad to have been of some use to someone with all of this!

and that's where this ends. i am sure celebrations will be on the go for a fair few hours yet, but hopefully they all don't get so hammered that they forget to go to the match. unlikely, as it's not proper beer in London as we know, just some sort of tasteless water.


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