Friday, May 08, 2015

towards colin cheng

hello there

a rarity on this blog for you, dear reader - possibly a one off, look you see. what's this, you mean it is a post worth reading? not quite, alas. i mean that it is a blog post that has no pictures, just video. i know that some, in particular Apple enthusiasts, struggle to watch video on their devices due to the limitations of those devices, but for those of you who can do what you like with the device you have bought, happy watching.

my bus journey home this evening - a damp, rainy evening, marked by grey clouds that betrayed the beautiful start to the day - was marked by a bout of correspondence. this was trans-equatorial correspondence, no less, with my dear brother in the former colony of the Transvaal, or whatever they call it now.

correspondence commenced with his sending me this most splendid and magnificent video; the first of three you will see here.

what is it? well, it's awesome, isn't it! as for what specifically it is, i have no idea whatsoever beyond Richard telling me that it is a, and i quote, "disco artichoke".

as part of the correspondence i informed Richard that i was approaching that last bastion of consumerism, the centre known as Marton Shops. it was only fair and appropriate that, as part of earnest and honest correspondence, i advised Richard of my position upon the globe. Richard made enquiries as to if it would be at all possible for me to agree to take footage of the renowned Colin Cheng restaurant as i passed it. i agreed to oblige this enquiry.

many will not need informing of this, but for those that do, the Colin Cheng restaurant is one of the pinnacles of both regional and national cuisine establishments. generation after generation has been indulged with the curried chips that the establishment makes, along with all them other dishes. i have no idea what the other dishes are like, for i only ever had curried chips from there, but i am sure they were fantastic.

i trust that the many who dined at Colin Cheng over the years who have stumbled upon this post have had their memories refreshed of just how good curried chips can be. for those who were hitherto unfamiliar with the establishment, may fortune and chance favour you in being able to visit it one day.

in the mean time, though, another video of what is claimed to be a disco artichoke that Richard forwarded on to me towards the latter stages of our correspondence.

i could not really hear the sound properly when i played it on the bus. this is due to the natural, echoing metal vibrations of the bus and, indeed, due to a couple of exceptionally potty mouthed young ladies on the bus who were showing off just how many rude words they knew. one can only assume that they are content with their life of lesbian spinsterhood, for they shall surely not be attracting any sort of suitable gentleman caller any time soon with their foul, obtrusive conversation.

anyway, i trust that you have enjoyed these videos. more, as it were, later.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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