Thursday, May 21, 2015

some sort of snoopy car thing

hello there

well, you really wouldn't guess that neither i, nor the boys, are particularly all that bothered about cars, would you? the return of Hot Wheels merchandise here is, look you see, the fault of the Pound Shop - i believe Pound Land to be pedantically specific - for waving this at me, on an aisle i had no business walking down, hidden behind several other items.

what is it? as suggested by the title - one of them "does what it says on the box" moments for you, dear reader - it's a car fashioned in the style of the character of Snoopy off of all that Peanuts and Charlie Brown sort of thing.

i could not resist this, not for the prospect of it being mine in exchange for a £1 coin of money. as it turns out this was somewhat prudent, if not wise, as the global proprietor values it at a somewhat higher cost to the consumer, or if you like member of the general public. oh hell yes, they do indeed have a secret celebrity website, for celebs to buy celeb things, but i cannot give you the link, lest your purchasing decisions be swayed by what the likes of OOoooooOOoh Gary Davies and that twat off of Wet Wet Wet, Marti something, say about products.

oh yes i bought this very much for me, figuring that the boys might in passing have an interest in playing with it momentarily. alas no, both have turned their nose firmly up at it. they are just not that familiar with Snoopy, or Charlie Brown, or any of them really. i think i put a Charlie Brown TV special on once and, as i recall, they simply walked off and did something else.

is this a worldwide trend? i mean, the kids having no interest in Charlie Brown? now that i think on, i suppose, it wasn't a cartoon or concept that featured in my English based childhood years, just whilst in Australia.

more of that in a bit, but first if for some reason you wanted to see a snippet of a cat singing the theme off of that thing with the dragons, Game Of Thrones or whatever, here you go.

that video is off of Ben. he didn't create it, but in order to get it off of him, i have had to give him unrestricted access to all my data on that snap book thing. also, Ben says that i have to remember my Twerker account login details so that he can access it and manage my social media presence for me. so i hope you appreciate the cost, whether you see it as major or minor, of bringing this video to you. 

yeah, this is the back off of that Snoopy car thing, with another of them QR codes. nope, i have no idea what it does; knock yourself out if you are so inclined to have a go at reading it and finding out.

Charlie Brown had a mythical, celebrated status in Australia, from what i remember. all and sundry seemed enamoured and excited by the concept, and yet the actual products were rare. i can recall the daughter of some of our parents' friends had the Snoopy Tennis Nintendo Game & Watch thing, and we kids thought it was the coolest thing ever.

also, i think at an airport in Australia (destination unknown, maybe Brisbane, maybe home), we were bought two Peanuts cartoon books between us. we three, in a rare moment, read them quietly between us on that plane, and i can remember us sitting in the lounge at home in England (cor blimey) reading them again and again, so maybe that is an answer to what flight it was we bought them on. i do sometimes wonder, and often lament, just where oh where did all of those acres of time go? damn you, Einstein, with your fancy "time and space are relative" sh!t. ooh la la.

anyway, yes, i am very happy indeed with my class Snoopy car. it's like the Boba Fett of the Hot Wheels world, i suppose.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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