Thursday, May 07, 2015

bus vibes #13 - jamie t (fail), james bay (fail), manics, python

hello there

yeah, i know, i normally punctuate these bus vibes posts with some other nonsense or rubbish. in truth i have not spotted anything all that exciting to report on, and my eye remains a considerable source of distress, pain and irritation. sorry.

this being the 13th day of bus vibes would mean, for the superstitious of you, that some jinx would strike or harm befall my listening. this it did, in a way that shall resonate with those of you who endured my Sia review from a few days ago.

i opted to go today, it being election day, with some of the new music i got off of amazon for 99p a go. as thus far it has been mostly good i thought i'd change a bit more. i started, then, with some happy go lucky cockney sort called Jamie T, and his album Carry On The Grudge.

first off, nice one Jamie T - that's an astonishing work of art on your album cover. i was under the impression that no one bothered with art anymore, what with these downloads being popular. i am delighted to be wrong.

i was aware of Jamie T only as far as Zombie. it's a happy go lucky, cockney banter type of thing, thankfully not related to the song of the same name by that vile band The Cranberries, fronted by that hideous woman (seriously, go and read some of her comments and statements). it is, however, very much related to, as point of fact indebted, to Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, as an awful lot of the music has been liberated from that song. and why not, as it is a fine song and as good a one as any you would want to find, my friend, to borrow from.

i was able to enjoy the first two tracks of this album, right, and then the ipod started freezing up from track three onwards. this was particularly annoying, as the third track was getting really good when it did so.

as mentioned, today is election day here in the UK. i voted, but i mention this only so that i can point out that this is the first time that Spiros and i have been able to participate in the same election since 1994. whereas i could vote in that famous first South African election, i could not in any further, as they changed the law so that if you were not an SA citizen you could not vote, even if the government taxed you as a resident until you bled, and then taxed you some more.

i will not grandstand here, but Spiros and i discussed today how very different elections are here. a difference is that you are not supposed to canvass or do electioneering on the day of the vote. this did not, however, stop two plucky lads from driving around with a makeshift PA kit encouraging people to vote.

i made a video as best i could. oddly, the poor quality of it is fairly accurate.

nope, i have no idea at all who they were encouraging people to go and vote for. rather wisely, their car was unmarked, but as it was some sort of white challenger car, perhaps they were out there campaigning for UKIP, or some other similar right wing concern.

the failure of Jamie T on the ipod then led me to that nice James Bay fellow, and his album Chaos And The Calm. this lasted all of two tracks before the ipod decided to freeze on his album, allowing me to hear no more. again, this was most annoying, as i was really rather enjoying it.

to be honest, my main reaction was of surprise. on the album, right, he sounds nothing at all like he does on that Top Gear show that he used to do, and the music is not as classical in tone as i was expecting. as point of fact, i am starting to think it is an entirely different James Bay that did this album from the one that was on the tv show. weird.

i will have a most earnest and thought provoking go, then, at reloading these albums - and the Sia one - onto my ipod. i can only hope that the erratic, complex way that one loads tunes to an ipod had a hiccup on three instances. it has happened before, and reloading them has usually done the trick in fixing the problem. if only Apple had a user friendly drag and drop system and this sort of issue probably would not blight my plight.

what did i listen to instead, then? as in, what did the ipod let me listen to? Journal For Plague Lovers by the Manic Street Preachers, which is superb, and Monty Python's Previous Record, by take a guess, which is very funny indeed. off i go, then, to meddle and interfere with the ipod; see if i cannot get these albums on it in a way that Apple approves of.

i agree that it will get very boring if this blog becomes all arbitrary and random comments about music i have listened to. i will try and add some variety, but do bear with me and my bad eye. thanks for reading.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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