Saturday, May 09, 2015

bus vibes #14 - a further sia fail, barbs and harry

hello there

please do bear with me when it comes to a few more typo things and further abuses of the language of english. i have just set up a new wireless keyboard thing, look you see, and i am struggling to get the keys all configured to what is on them. yes, i know, using wireless technology makes me a class traitor and a sell out, but thank you for thinking it.

ah, just worked out how to change things on the Windows side of things so that what i type matches what is written on the keyboard. so now i have a £ key - no more copying and pasting it off of amazon when i feel like flashing a price at you all, then.

you are, i appreciate, not particularly interested in my plight in respect of a wireless keyboard, but do presumably want to learn more of the vibes i had on whilst travelling by bus of late. so off we go.

as mentioned in some of the last posts, mr ipod and mr Apple were most distressed at some of my selections, freezing the playing of songs as their means of showing contempt. efforts to reload the vibes on so that i may hear them have not worked out. i, for instance, re-added the Sia album, which a number of my friends rate very highly. instead of freezing and refusing to play on track three, it now does that on track one.

the above should give you, if you wished for such a thing, an insight into my thinking, or if you like my thought process. having messed about to reset the frozen ipod (really, Apple, would it kill you to have a power off button?), i scrolled down through the albums. there i noticed, as you might have, that Guilty and Harry are right next to each other. that would do for the day, then.
i do have every intention of one day doing an epic blog post about the album Guilty, and indeed the class 25th anniversary celebration that was recorded to, erm, celebrate the 25th anniversary of it. i shall proceed with caution here, then, and try not to steal too much of the thunder of that post as and when i bother to do it.

the album, for those of you who don't know, is considered by many to be Barbs' greatest accomplishment in presenting a complete album to the world. the songs here are all perfection - no filler here for the sake of showing off her voice.

it is no surprise that the songs are perfect, for they were written, composed and arranged by Barry Gibb off of the Bee Gees at a time when his usually outstanding skills were arguably at their greatest.

the album is perhaps best known for the first two tracks off of it, with those being the highly regarded title track and Woman In Love. that latter is perhaps the best known of all Barbs songs, as those who don't even know what a Barbs is or what she does (mostly being rich and telling democratic presidents to "do good", since you asked) are aware of this most magnificent song. each and every track of the nine, however, is of the same high quality.

a bit of a snippet of one of the songs that are less well known that the two named here? why surely, dear reader. here you go, here's the opening to Never Give Up.

oh yes, i quite agree. that sultry, lusty, foxy funkadelic bass you can hear there does seem to be Barry Gibb saying "i am rather familiar with the smart, classy porno films which were shown in seedy cinemas in New York in the 70s. i heard the music that they had as a soundtrack and i liked what i heard". yes, it's that good, thank you.

it's May. we are supposed to be in spring, now. i have friends asking me for thoughts and images of daffodils. all i have to offer them, and the world, is images like this, a sky replenished and full of all things grey.

yeah, honestly, i really did miss this dour, overcast kind of sky. it just, at the great risk of sounding like i am quoting one of the better Madonna songs, really does feel like home.

indeed the above was a break, or if you like brief respite, from reading of what vibes i am listening to on the bus lately. i am giving serious consideration to a return to reading. my eye seems somewhat better, and i am missing reading trashy novels somewhat. we shall see. 

Harry Nilsson has, of course, featured as part of these bus vibes posts already, but he is that good that it should not be an issue for you to have him here once more. this time, as you are aware should you have been paying attention above, it was the turn of the album Harry

this magnificent album hails from 1969, when Harry was perhaps best known for his cover of Everbody's Talkin', as featured in the film Midnight Cowboy. indeed, the song by Harry that was to feature in the film instead of that cover, I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City, is here for you to enjoy. or discover and enjoy, if you've not heard it before.

coming from the time that it does, Harry's voice is not quite so battered and scarred from going off on the lash with Keith Moon, Ringo Starr and several members of Monty Python as it eventually became over the years. you then get the pure, beautiful, what you would imagine to be the personification of angelic-like tones to the voice of Harry Nilsson. and there are few, if any, singers that have ever sounded quite so good. Mr Sinatra, maybe, and of course The King, Elvis Presley, are the only ones that i would put in his company at the top of the vocal tree. in my opinion and view, of course. well, i would accept it if someone said they didn't like the music Harry did, but i would be baffled if someone said that he had a poor voice.

a snippet of a song? surely, that would be might braw. here's a touch of I Will Take You There, a single only release at the time that's bunged on as an extra on my version of the album.

so, there we have it, and all typed up reasonably well with this fancy new la-de-dah wireless keyboard thing i have on the go. yes, indeed i was sceptical of all this wireless business, by my good friend and colleague Mark gave us one to use at verk and it has worked out rather well. why not, i said, go for the same sort of thing in the home, or if you like at home?

is this it for bus vibes for now, then? maybe. now that i can use both eyes properly - stereo vision, if you like - i am keen to embrace it with a bit of reading. maybe i shall have a gander at some reading for a couple of weeks, then return to the world of the vibes.

thanks, as ever, for reading, or at the least having a little listen to the poor quality snippets. if you have discovered or rediscovered some quality music as a consequence, nice one.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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