Saturday, May 30, 2015

expecting the expected

hello there

sorry, really, that's a poor title for this post. it just popped in there, so to speak, as i was trying to think of a halfway decent title for this. the title is often the best part of these posts, i am aware, look you see, so this effort is particularly disappointing.

no particular point to this one, just rounding up a few matters of no interest at all for the sake of posting something for the first time in some three days. one of them letting you know i am indeed around sort of things. and, i would imagine, saying goodbye to May with this one, as i doubt much will be offered tomorrow for your entertainment or boredom.

first off, it would be remotely possible that one or two of you (well, one at best) are curious as to why there has not been much in the way of cow updates here. in truth it's simply because i have not seen them for a while. except for this week, or one day of it, when i did.

i had just taken it as something of a given that they had all gone off on some sort of jolly crusade, as my speculation over the year so far has suggested. it would seem to be the case that no, they haven't, or at the least one has not. i am pretty sure that's the one they call Lone Wolf, or maybe Sentinel.

yes, i appreciate that the picture above makes it quite difficult to spot the lone cow. patience, a closer look is coming up shortly. but before that (unless you scrolled past this bit) something of a shocker down in Pound Land, or Pound World, or whichever one i go into frequently.

yes, that is indeed Tony Blair's memoirs, or autobiography, or the truth according to Tony Blair, you can see proudly on sale for £1. very strange, if not shocking, as my research had led me to believe that it was only ladies who had married with the intent of divorcing the third choice for second guitarist of The Rolling $tone$ made their life story available for £1 at Pound Land / World. 

as far as i am aware - and this is without reading his book - Tony Blair has never married and then subsequently divorced Ronnie Wood, so i am not sure why his story has been made in the way that has come to be conventional for people that have. perhaps reading the book would reveal something along those lines, but to be honest i suspect i would rather not know.

now then, that close up of Sentinel, or if you like Lone Wolf.

no, sorry, i have no idea at all where all the other cows have gone. i could only see this one mooching around, and so took a picture for you of it.

i happened to be in the bus station during the week. you might think this is quite normal for me as i travel extensively via the bus, but no it is not. i tend, for the most part, to embark and disembark along routes rather than at terminals. so this was the first time in about a month that i had been there.

things had, it seems, changed somewhat since my last visit. the absence of feral student teenagers was, on the whole, most agreeable. as was the seemingly peculiar idea to entertain those of us waiting for buses with a bizarre mishmash of panpipe and piano music. i did the best i could to capture some for you.

unless i am very much mistaken, the management of the bus station - quite possibly some special customer focus sub-group committee type of thing - had decided that the experience of being at the bus station would be enhanced by a version of the song Mad World being played over the tannoy thing, or if you like public address system.

did i like it? it was OK, i suppose. not a bad cover of the song at all, really. i cannot comment on how anyone else felt about it, alas, as i did not think to do an impromptu survey amongst my fellow passengers in waiting. i suspect their view would be "yeah, sure, whatever, if it helps the buses turn up on time".

in closing, then, and well done for making it this far, the Viz kept to their word and published the names of the winners of the Top Gear Presenter Of Hearts winners in their mos recent edition. here is most of that list, if for some reason you wished to have a gander.

quite an interesting insight into the demographics of Viz readership that enters the competitions that they run, and indeed well done on creating some extra employment going on the above.

right, that will do. i shall try and do one or two things of interest during the month of June to report on here, so please do bear with me!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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