Tuesday, May 19, 2015

some sort of batman car thing

hi there

i would say nothing, really, but that sets an impossible standard to match. the much beloved TV show Seinfeld, a show which i hold dear to my heart, was famously about nothing, really. try as i might, look you see, i doubt i could produce anything of the quality of even the worst, dullest moment of that show. especially not when i have nothing better to post about than some sort of toy car.

a weekend or two ago i picked up some sort of toy Hot Wheels car for William, i think for the prime price of £1.75 or something. as i took pictures of it for no apparent reason and i have absolutely zero other content of consequence for you right now, here, feel free to have a gander.

amazon, the global grocer as it were, would seem happy to sell you a similar version of this for, at time of going to print, considerably more than what i paid for it. knock yourself out if for some reason you would like to own one similar to this. sorry, couldn't find the exact one online anywhere.

yeah, i do get a bit of a panic when i have not posted anything here for 3 or 4 days. sorry about that.

as far as i can work out, this version of the Batmobile, for there are many, is off of something called Batman Live. at first i was confused by this as, to my knowledge, most take it as a given that the caped crusader is very much alive in his adventures. a bit of research suggests it is Live as in live, as in some sort of stage show thing, in which Batman chases after Joker on a suitable stage. think Waiting For Godot with some sort of discernible, actual plot and it's probably like that, i imagine.
yeah, this is the back of the packaging if you wanted to see it. nope, no idea what the QR code does. bonus if it works off of this screen you are looking at.

who was the greatest ever Batman? as in, to play him onscreen, and not just do a cartoon voice? well, the only fair way to judge that is by who got to keep the job the longest. so, in order.

1. Adam West
2. That Dude That Played Him In The 40s.
3. Christian Bale
4. Michael Keaton
5. Ben Affleck *
6. George Clooney
7. Val Kilmer

* yet to be determined how long he will play the part, but i fancy by the end of 2016 he will be up to 4th.

it totally and utterly sucks that Batman & Robin ran for 4 minutes longer than Batman Forever. i personally don't like that George Clooney got to be Batman for 4 minutes longer than Val Kilmer as i really, really like Val Kilmer. but, i cannot interfere with science. if any of the actors lower down on the list had been that bit better at the job, they would have kept the job longer and been higher up.

i would be quietly confident that absolutely everyone reading this disagrees with the Batman rankings above, i know i do. but don't blame me - like it's my fault Val Kilmer can't hold a job down?

no promises, but i will do my best to try and make the next post at least interesting. possibly book reviews, looking at the meagre number of pages left in the one i am reading right now.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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